2021 CNCERT International Partner Africa Regional Video Conference Successfully Held

On November 3, 2021, the 2021 CNCERT International Partner Africa Regional Video Conference hosted by the National Computer Network Emergency Technology Handling Coordination Center (CNCERT/CC) was successfully held online. More than 30 representatives from 17 organizations in China and Africa attended the meeting.

This meeting has three sections: “Emergency Collaboration”, “Technical Experience” and “Exchange and Discussion”. CNCERT/CC responsible comrade Lu Wei attended the meeting and delivered a speech. At the meeting, 10 guests from CNCERT/CC, African CERT Alliance, Benin bjCSIRT, Mauritius CERT-MU, China Unicom, Huawei, Qi Anxin, NSFOCUS, Hengan Jiaxin, and Sangfor focused on international cooperation and capabilities in emergency response. Construction, CERT organization development, as well as cloud facility security, AI-enabled threat detection and emergency response, network security attack and defense, industrial Internet security, ransomware response and disposal, and other cooperation and technical experience exchanges.

Lu Wei pointed out that China-Africa cooperation in various fields has continued to advance, and the spirit of mutual support and overcoming difficulties together has become an example of mutual benefit and win-win results in international cooperation. A secure, stable and prosperous cyberspace is of great significance to all countries and the world, and has a profound impact on the future of mankind. It is our job and our responsibility to jointly strengthen international cooperation in emergency response, optimize the incident handling mechanism, provide a more secure and reliable network guarantee, and jointly maintain the Internet security environment. The first is common development. China and Africa should take common progress as the driving force and win-win as the goal, respect each other’s sovereignty in cyberspace, respect each other’s rights to independently choose development paths, network governance models, and Internet public policies, and jointly promote Internet development for the benefit of the world. The second is to jointly maintain security. China and Africa should uphold the concept of solidarity and cooperation, coordinate and deal with cross-border cybersecurity incidents in a timely manner, work together to resolve threats and challenges in cyberspace, further promote the negotiation and signing of memorandum of cooperation between China-Africa CERT organizations, establish an efficient cybersecurity cooperation mechanism, and improve cross-border cooperation. The quality and efficiency of incident response. The third is joint participation in governance. All countries have equal rights to participate in the international governance of cyberspace, and should always adhere to multilateral and multi-party participation. China and Africa should continue to deepen practical cooperation, share cyber threat information in a timely manner, effectively improve the level of cyber security emergency response, and jointly maintain cyberspace security order. The fourth is to share the results. In the long-term cybersecurity practice, all countries in China and Africa have carried out a lot of fruitful work and accumulated useful experience based on their own actual conditions. They should continuously strengthen communication and consultation in the field of cybersecurity, promote the sharing of results and information, and jointly promote cybersecurity technology. Innovation and progress will ultimately share the achievements of global cybersecurity development, and jointly contribute wisdom and strength to maintaining cyberspace security and stability.

The founder of the African CERT Alliance shared the challenges and opportunities faced by African CSIRT organizations in the field of cybersecurity, and proposed a service-centric CSIRT organization development roadmap. Benin bjCSIRT introduced its CSIRT organization construction and development vision, emphasizing the importance of strengthening bilateral and multilateral cooperation. Mauritius CERT-MU shared its network security development situation and its work in incident response, security operations, gateway protection, laws and regulations, etc.

China Unicom International (South African operating company) shared its cloud facility security architecture, and responded to new cloud security threats in the era of digital transformation through a series of solutions such as cloud security technology and operations. Huawei proposed a “one center, four platforms” solution to achieve effective threat detection and emergency response under the power of artificial intelligence. Qi Anxin emphasized the importance of building a national network security system, monitoring control and emergency response system, actively organizing and participating in network security drills, and improving network security protection capabilities.

This conference is a regional conference for African partners under the CNCERT International Cooperation Forum mechanism, which was held in the form of video this year. The forum provides a platform for our center, international partners and cybersecurity enterprises to communicate in the field of cybersecurity, further enhance mutual trust, learn from each other, establish close contact channels, optimize emergency response to cybersecurity incidents, strengthen information and data sharing, and develop Emergency capacity building and promotion of all-round cybersecurity cooperation.

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