Aixin Yuanzhi CEO Qiu Xiaoxin attended the WAIC2022 chip theme forum to discuss the “differentiated value” of AI chips

[Introduction]On September 2, the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference officially opened. The global artificial intelligence development achievements and the latest practice of “AI + Metaverse” will be unveiled, and the theme of “Intelligent Connected World, Unbounded” will be deeply interpreted. As one of the major forums of the conference, the chip theme forum hosted by the Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association was held in the Zhangjiang Science Museum on the afternoon of the 1st. Talk about “AI Future, Perceive the Core World”. During the roundtable session, representatives from the AI ​​chip field, such as the founder and chairman of Aixin Yuanzhi and CEO Dr. Xiaoxin Qiu, were invited to attend and share and communicate on topics such as chip market expansion, scene application, and ecological environment construction under the background of the Metaverse. Explore how the chip in the metaverse era breaks the game.

Aixin Yuanzhi CEO Qiu Xiaoxin attended the WAIC2022 chip theme forum to discuss the “differentiated value” of AI chips

Metaverse is a combination of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, and cloud computing. It builds a parallel world of augmented reality and virtual reality through an immersive interactive experience. As one of the basic hardware of the metaverse, the chip needs to be upgraded in many aspects to meet the needs of creating a truly durable and immersive metaverse space. As a result, improving computing power has become an important upgrade direction for chips. Dr. Qiu Xiaoxin pointed out the importance of improving computing power from the user side. She believes, “In the future, users will establish a connection with the Metaverse through smart terminal devices, which includes the complex process of perception, virtualization, and digital presentation of the real world, and extremely high computing power requirements will become inevitable, especially for access devices. The chip needs a great breakthrough.”

When it comes to forward-looking topics such as how to deploy new tracks such as the Metaverse, Dr. Qiu Xiaoxin started from the entrepreneurial process of Aixin Yuanzhi and affirmed the value of innovative enterprises to create differentiated capabilities, “Thinking about the application scenarios of technology, What value it can bring to customers is critical for startups.” Founded in 2019, Aixin Yuanzhi innovatively empowers ISPs with AI to meet the rigid demand for image quality improvement and meet customers’ product needs in different scenarios. “We believe that users’ pursuit of image quality improvement is endless, so we must continue to break through the technical ceiling of imaging, generate new differentiated value, and gain more customer recognition in order to realize the original vision,” said Qiu Xiaoxin.

As the first company to commercialize AI-ISP technology on chips and mass-produce them, Aixinyuanzhi has achieved successful mass production of two generations of edge-side AI chips, covering smart cities and smart consumption. and three major industries of intelligent transportation. This time, Aixin Yuanzhi was invited to appear at WAIC2022, and also officially announced the Chinese name of the self-developed core technology AI-ISP “Aixin Zhimou®”, which means to give full play to the technical advantages in the field of visual perception, so that AI-ISP can empower different terminals , bringing excellent picture quality that breaks through the traditional bottleneck.

Aixin Yuanzhi CEO Qiu Xiaoxin attended the WAIC2022 chip theme forum to discuss the “differentiated value” of AI chips

At the forum, in response to the topic of “overtaking on a curve”, the host also raised his question: my country’s chip industry is catching up, gradually shortening the distance with the head country, in the era of the Metaverse, can China’s chip industry complete the curve? overtake? In this regard, Dr. Qiu Xiaoxin said that in the metaverse era, China is actually standing on the same starting line as the world. “At this time, we need to rely on ‘internal strength’. Under the condition of starting at the same time, China’s chip industry must truly become the world’s first echelon. It is our technical strength. Only when our own strength is achieved can we seize such a Chance”. In fact, at the beginning of its establishment, Aixinyuanzhi established the original intention of “technological establishment and transformation of the industry”. Relying on the industry-leading technologies such as self-developed Aixinzhimu® AI-ISP and mixed-precision NPU, it has grown together with customers by growing together. The strategic path has achieved the rapid landing of products and industrial layout.

At present, the development of the Metaverse industry has become the focus of attention from all walks of life. This roundtable meeting of the WAIC2022 chip theme forum brought us information on how AI chip companies can innovate, start a business and upgrade in the Metaverse era through the in-depth exchanges of corporate guests. development-related thinking. Facing the future, chip companies need to look up at the stars and see development opportunities. More importantly, they must be down-to-earth and pragmatic to advance the substantive work from R&D to implementation. As Dr. Qiu Xiaoxin said at the end, “Opportunities are at hand, but only by matching the strengths can we seize them. chance to live”.

About Aixin Yuanzhi:

Aixin Yuanzhi (formerly known as Aixin Technology) was established in May 2019 and is committed to building the world’s leading artificial intelligence vision chip. The company focuses on the development of high-performance, low-power edge-side and end-side artificial intelligence processor chips, and independently develops neural network processor IP for inference acceleration.

Combining powerful computing power and ultra-low power consumption, Aixinyuanzhi uses pixel-level AI processing technology to create an industry-leading AI-ISP self-developed IP, which comprehensively improves imaging effects in various complex application scenarios. Aicine’s core technology products are widely used in visual application scenarios such as smart cities, smart transportation, smart manufacturing and smart wear.

Aixin has set up a full-featured team from chip design, R&D to production, and has rich experience in product planning and product implementation. As of January 2022, Aixin Yuanzhi has completed the A++ round of financing. The overall financing process was smooth, and the company’s development direction was highly recognized by investors.

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