Altair Introduces Sendyne Battery System Simulation Software to Support Electric Vehicle Battery System Design

(Source: Sendyne official website)

Altair is a global technology company providing software and cloud solutions in product development, high performance computing and data intelligence. According to foreign media reports, Sendyne will join the Altair partner alliance to provide it with CellMod virtual batteries.

In order to promote the development of the global electric vehicle market, it is essential to improve the performance of the battery system. Having an accurate battery model is the starting point for designing battery packs, control and optimization systems. The simple equivalent circuit model (EC) that is commonly used at present lacks predictive ability and is difficult to meet the relevant requirements. Using physical methods to simulate integrated systems, which are more accurate and run faster than real-time systems, can significantly improve battery system design, optimizing long-term performance and safety.

CellMod is the first Li-Ion virtual battery capable of predicting cell and pack behavior, including thermal behavior, with over 97% accuracy under different test conditions. CellMod utilizes complex electrochemical models, packaged as functional simulation units, which can be easily integrated into most major simulation packages such as Altair Activate through open industry standard functional simulation interfaces.

The CellMod FMU accepts input signals such as current, ambient temperature, and time step, and outputs voltage, battery internal temperature, surface temperature, SoC, and other battery internal state variables. In addition, CellMod can simulate the behavior of aging batteries and can scale, through Sendyne’s FMU BasicPackMod, for parallel and serial cell combinations. Unlike the EC model, CellMod shows the physical processes taking place inside the battery, including diffusion inside the solid, diffusion in the electrolyte solution, reaction kinetics, charge transport, heat transport, and more. Therefore, CellMod can make high-precision predictions about the behavior of the battery.

“Sendyne has developed the first physical virtual lithium-ion battery model for real-time co-simulation,” said Richard Yen, senior vice president of Altair’s global automotive and industry vertical market teams. Virtual testing, including models for hardware and software looping, thermal simulation, online battery prediction, and more.”

The default battery model of CellMod is Panasonic NCR18650A, which is used to replace the general lithium-ion battery, which is more accurate than the equivalent circuit model. For design teams that need to achieve high accuracy (97% or statistical level), from NMC, LMO, LFP and NCA, any type of specific version Li-Ion battery and its iterations can be quickly customized. Users of Altair HyperWorks can download the CellMod FMU.

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