AMI qualifies Renesas’ I3C bus extension products

AMI qualifies Renesas’ I3C bus extension products

AMI qualifies Renesas’ I3C bus extension products

AMI, a firmware and software solutions partner, has qualified Renesas Electronics’ I3C bus extension products for its MegaRAC SP-X Remote Management Firmware.

By having the I3C devices on AMI’s approved vendor list it makes any migration path much easier for customers shifting their DDR5 platforms and boards from I2C or other legacy expansion specifications to the new high-speed I3C specification.

The IMX3102 2:1 bus multiplexer, IMX3112 1:2 bus expander, and DDR5 SPD Hub SPD5118 devices have been designed to provide design flexibility for engineers implementing I3C Basic as a system management bus for control plane designs across a variety of applications, including data centre and server applications, enterprise, factory automation, and communications equipment.

Both the IMX and SPD devices are intended for when there may be multiple masters, a large number of endpoint devices, and long traces – all of which can impact bus complexity and signal integrity.

As DDR5 continues to gather momentum in the industry, the I3C interface is gaining greater acceptance as a high-speed control interface for applications requiring faster communication between host and peripheral or slave devices. I3C’s 12.5 MHz speeds significantly outpace current and legacy solutions, such as the I2C 1 MHz speed and analogue passive quick switches. Renesas has developed a robust lineup of I3C bus extension devices for platform control, efficiency, power savings, high speeds, safety, and security.

“Industry transformations such as the migration of control plane designs to the faster and more robust I3C standard require broad ecosystem support at both hardware and software levels in order to be successful,” said Rami Sethi, VP and General Manager of the Data Center Business Division at Renesas. “Partnering with industry leading software providers like AMI has been a priority at Renesas in order to deliver the superior “out-of-the box” experience that our customers and ecosystem partners have come to expect from us.”

“The next-generation I3C interface meets industry needs driven by aggressive datacentre growth and increased demand for security infrastructure and more efficient hardware in industrial, automotive, and telecommunications systems,” said Kelly Bryant, Chief Product Officer at AMI. “AMI has an extensive, industry-leading boot and manageability firmware ecosystem that supports many components, and for many years, top manufacturers such as Renesas have seen the value in qualifying their products for our firmware solutions. Thanks to our strong partnership with Renesas, our validation for its latest, leading-edge I3C expansion and SPD products will enable us to deliver improved firmware and software solutions and expand our support to our mutual customers.”

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