Both Hon Hai and Wistron suspend factory production, iPhone supply chain in India may be affected

In order to combat the new crown pneumonia epidemic, India has previously announced a series of measures, including banning the entry of international commercial passenger flights, suspending domestic commercial passenger flights, suspending national railway passenger transport, and implementing “city closure” measures in some cities and regions.

A few days ago, the Indian government announced a total blockade for three weeks starting in the early morning of March 25. Following the shutdown of Samsung, Xiaomi and other brand giants, both Hon Hai and Wistron have suspended factory production.

Hon Hai said its factories in India will remain closed until April 14. Resumption of work at that time will be based on further announcements by the government. Wistron also said it would comply with government orders to temporarily suspend operations at its Indian plant, but would not disclose which products were affected.

Wistron said it would comply with the order, but declined to comment specifically on the impact.

Apple has thousands of employees in Hyderabad, India, working on Apple Maps data, but it may be affected by the current epidemic prevention measures.

It is reported that Hon Hai and Wistron mainly produce iPhones in local factories and supply the Indian market nearby. Therefore, with the shutdown of the two major foundries, the legal person estimates that the supply chain of iPhones in India will be affected.

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