“Brushing your face” under the 5G outlet will speed up and strengthen the security line of defense will be the top priority

If you want to win the user’s “heart” by brushing your face, you must first protect your “face”

A few years ago, “face brushing” was used by friends to tease each other. In a blink of an eye, it became a reality to rely on “face” to eat. Previously, Guangzhou’s first smart subway achieved “pass through with face recognition”. Under the 5G outlet, the major payment giants are gearing up, and face-scanning payment has begun to accelerate.

Face payment makes people’s lives more convenient

Bus cards, change, mobile phones…you don’t need to bring them all. In Guangzhou, you only need to swipe your face to take the subway! According to media reports, recently, Guangzhou’s first smart subway station opened, allowing passengers to pass through the gates without feeling their faces. “Face recognition is completed within 300 milliseconds, and 40 people can pass through every minute.”

Guiyang, the capital city of the inland province, opened the subway face-swiping payment experience scene to the public as early as this year’s Digital Expo. The general feedback from citizens is, “Swipe your face in seconds, it’s too fast and convenient!”

At present, Guiyang is taking advantage of its own big data development advantages to implement a face-scanning application project in public transportation. It is expected that by the end of 2019, some lines of Guiyang subway and public transportation will be piloted for face-scanning payment. From this, Guiyang will gradually build a face-swiping consumption ecology, and realize “one registration, whole city face-swiping” in the urban area.

I don’t know since when, face payment has penetrated into people’s daily life.

Xin Yang, deputy director of the National Engineering Laboratory for Disaster Preparedness Technology and a professor at the School of Cyberspace Security at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, said that from the original KFC KPRO restaurant to today’s pharmacies, supermarkets, convenience stores and many other offline retail scenarios, there are more than one million people across the country. Consumers have been the first to experience the convenience of face-swiping payment. At the same time, in the field of “Internet + government affairs”, users in more than 170 cities completed identity verification by swiping their faces, and handled provident fund withdrawals and personal tax inquiries online.

The era of face-scanning payment is gradually approaching.

“Brushing your face” under the 5G tuyere increases the speed and temperature

Up to now, with the advent of the 5G era, the deep integration of Internet +, AI intelligence, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things, etc., face payment has begun to accelerate.

Xin Yang believes that compared with scanning code payment, face-scanning payment will bring more convenience to people, such as easy payment even when carrying heavy objects; moreover, due to the superposition of AR capabilities, the payment scene is more interesting.

On the other hand, in the face of increasing labor costs, face-scanning payment can better save money for merchants.

The daily workload of a face brushing machine is equivalent to 3 cashiers. If 10 consumers check out at the same time, the traditional mode takes 56 seconds, while the face brushing takes only 10 seconds.

In Xin Yang’s view, the greater imagination of face-scanning payment lies in its ability to drain traffic and interactive marketing. “This is a new traffic portal in the future. Before and after payment, merchants can extend infinitely, such as recommending suitable products to consumers based on consumption records and preferences. This is the real value of face-scanning payment and the future development direction. .”

Xin Yang predicts that Ali and Tencent are spending huge sums of money to promote and research face-scanning payment technology, and the entire industry has great development prospects. In the next 2-5 years, face-scanning payment will show a blowout growth and reshape the entire payment industry and Ecology of the retail and catering industry.

Reinforcing security lines will be a top priority

By uploading your own high-definition photos, you can replace the faces of the protagonists in the classic film and television drama clips with your own, and perform in the same frame as your beloved idol… A few days ago, an APP called “Face Changer” became popular on the Internet, triggering An internet spree. However, since users need to perform various verifications such as blinking and raising their heads when “changing faces”, which is similar to the facial information collected during face-swiping payment, the public cannot help but have such questions: face-swiping payments are becoming more and more popular At the moment, if the “face-changing” small video falls into the hands of others, will it endanger the security of face-swiping payment?

Xin Yang said that compared with fingerprints, iris, etc., the human face is a biometric feature with weak privacy, so the threat to citizens’ privacy is particularly worthy of attention when paying with face recognition. “No matter what kind of face recognition technology it is, it can be cracked. Whether it is worth cracking depends on the cost of cracking and the benefits it brings.”

Xin Yang said that it is precisely because of the lack of mobile phones that the use of face information has become easier. In the era of biological payment opened by face-scanning technology, how to launch a fierce battle of offense and defense against new technologies, and combine merchants, Minimizing the loss of consumers’ interests and making the security defense line more and more solid will be the top priority of the future development of face payment.

An embarrassing fact is that due to insufficient maturity of equipment, customer acceptance and payment security, face-scanning payment has not yet achieved large-scale popularization in China. At present, users are more willing to use relatively safe mobile phones to pay.

Correspondent He Chun Newspaper reporter He Xinghui

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