ByteDance: Feishu opens all remote collaborative office services for free

Feishu, an office suite owned by ByteDance, announced that in order to fight the epidemic and assist enterprises, social organizations and individuals to maintain normal operations, from January 28 to May 1, 2020, remote office and video conferencing services will be provided to all users free of charge .

The relevant person in charge of Feishu said that due to the impact of the epidemic since the Spring Festival, many companies have postponed the start of work for the safety of their employees and implemented home office. In such a special period, it is even more necessary to transmit information accurately and quickly, and to cooperate efficiently with various social organizations. In order to reduce crowd gathering and help social organizations to restore normal operation order and efficient collaboration, Feishu has decided to provide telecommuting support for all users free of charge. Among them, Feishu will continue to provide free services for three years to all hospitals, schools and non-profit organizations in Hubei that apply within the above period.

According to reports, the free services that Feishu will provide this time include but are not limited to: complete office suite for commercial version, unlimited audio and video conferences, unlimited online documents, approval management, etc. Relevant institutions and organizations can directly download Feishu to activate the service.

Prior to this, in order to let users know the progress of the epidemic and knowledge of epidemic prevention in real time, ByteDance’s products have launched relevant channels and topics, and launched the topic of “Hospital List for Fever Outpatient Clinics”, calling on close contacts of the new coronavirus to seek medical treatment as soon as possible; Yin also launched the “Fighting Pneumonia Epidemic” special page, and also provided live broadcasts of epidemic-related media to share authoritative information about the epidemic as soon as possible.

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