eSync and GENIVI collaborate on data standardisation

eSync and GENIVI collaborate on data standardisation

eSync and GENIVI collaborate on data standardisation

Industry bodies – the eSync Alliance and the GENIVI Alliance – have announced that they are working together to standardise communications within the connected car.

By aligning the eSync data pipeline with a joint effort of GENIVI and World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) called Common Vehicle Interface Initiative (CVII), this new collaboration will work to increase standardisation in the automotive industry, helping to accelerate the development and deployment as well as increasing security.

The eSync Alliance and GENIVI Alliance are working to align the data gathering portion of the eSync specifications with CVII, which is an initiative to standardise vehicle data formats. The eSync Alliance’s Technical Work Group (TWG) already provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) which includes standard data models, and is working to add standardized APIs and services to create a proof-of-concept platform.

Based on a server/client/agent architecture, the eSync software platform provides a secure, bi-directional data path between the cloud and any number of electronic end devices inside a vehicle. It can work across multiple operating systems and networks/busses to reach any ECU or smart sensor in the car, to provide both over-the-air (OTA) software updates, and to handle data gathering. Using eSync creates new opportunities for automakers and Tier-1 suppliers to improve their products and provide added value to their customers.

“The connected car presents a tremendous opportunity for the automotive industry, to use the huge amount of data gathered in vehicles,” said Mike Gardner, Executive Director at the eSync Alliance. “With so many companies involved in supplying in-car devices, this new co-operation represents a big step forward in ensuring the benefits of data gathering are not lost due to overwhelming complexity or incompatibilities.”

“The potential benefits of data standardisation are enormous, in terms of time savings, simplicity and cost. By working with the eSync Alliance, we’re taking another step towards helping automakers and suppliers take advantage of these benefits, as they develop their connected car solutions by using standards-based, off-the-shelf solutions, rather than having to undertake custom development themselves,” said Steve Crumb, Executive Director at the GENIVI Alliance.

The eSync Alliance is an initiative established to standardize OTA updating and data gathering for the connected car through a global network of co-operating companies including major automotive suppliers such as Alps Alpine, Aptiv, Faurecia, Hella, Molex and ZF.

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