Extremely high performance Intel Xe GPU performance increased by 100%, core area increased by only 25%

At the CES exhibition, Intel officially announced the first wave of products using its own high-performance GPU-DG1 independent Display and Tiger Lake processors. They will be officially launched in 2020. This year’s GPU market is quite lively.

According to the official statement, Intel DG1 is its first discrete graphics product for consumer platforms. It is based on the new Xe GPU architecture and integrates a powerful media and Display engine. It is designed for power-optimized platforms (that is, focusing on energy efficiency ratios). ), and optimized for gaming and content creation.

Intel did not announce the specific performance of the DG1 graphics card, but it demonstrated the effect of the DG1 graphics card running the “Destiny 2” game on the spot.

At the same time, the Xe architecture will also be used for Intel’s CPU processors. Tiger Lake’s Gen12 core display is also based on the Xe architecture, and it is expected to have 96 EU units. This scale is 1.1% of the existing Ice Lake’s Gen11 core display. 5 times the scale, 3 times that of Coffee Lake.

Not only has the EU scale increased significantly, but the architecture of the Xe GPU core has also been greatly improved, so the performance of the Gen12 core display is reported to be able to reach 2TFLOPS performance, which is double the 1TFLOPS performance of the Gen11 core display, and the latter is better than the current Gen9.5 core display performance Doubled, the growth is really exciting.

In the case of a 100% increase in performance, Tiger Lake’s core area control is also very good. Under the same TDP power consumption and process, the area occupied by Gen12 is said to have only increased by 25%, which means that 125% of the area is used. In exchange for 150% scale and 200% performance, the PPA (performance, power consumption, area) index of the Xe architecture is terrifyingly high.

Author: Xian Rui

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