Fingerprint verification loopholes, Alipay WeChat and many banks urgently shut down Samsung mobile phone fingerprint function

Recently, according to foreign media reports, a British couple discovered a loophole in the fingerprint recognition of Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile phones. After installing the all-inclusive silicone protective case for the mobile phone, anyone’s fingerprint can unlock the mobile phone and even log in to the bank APP. .

It is reported that the Samsung S10 uses an under-screen ultrasonic fingerprint recognition solution. In this fingerprint identification vulnerability incident, it is obvious that this all-inclusive silicone protective cover affects the penetration of Samsung S10 fingerprint identification and interferes with the quality of fingerprint identification. However, relatively few users use this all-inclusive silicone protective case, and it is unclear whether the same situation will occur if the user uses more thick tempered film.

In this regard, Bank of China issued an announcement that because Samsung admitted that its Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 two mobile phones and Tab S6 tablet fingerprint recognition have loopholes, Bank of China mobile banking (including domestic version of personal mobile banking, overseas version of personal mobile banking corporate mobile phone) Bank) has temporarily closed the fingerprint login function involving the above models. In addition, WeChat and Alipay have also closed the fingerprint payment function of related models of Samsung mobile phones.

Samsung’s official statement said that it will release a patch as soon as next week to fix the problem.

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