Focusing on technological innovation, Hongshan Technology has made a breakthrough in the field of enterprise-level storage!

About 20 years ago, the Chinese market just began to contact SAN storage. At that time, the global storage industry was in full swing, and the international storage giants were like a mountain, insurmountable; Storage manufacturers have made a breakthrough in the field of enterprise-level storage with extremely high competition thresholds, not only gaining a firm foothold in the market, but even wrestling with giants.

Now, entering the era of big data, Chinese storage manufacturers have come to a crossroads again, with huge storage demands brought by massive data, market opportunities brought by the vigorous development of the Xinchuang industry, and technological changes and changes in scenarios. innovation challenges.

In the face of unprecedented changes, Hongshan Technology has been based on SAN storage in recent years, and has made continuous breakthroughs in distributed storage, backup, cloud and hyper-convergence. China, the road of innovation facing the world.

As Zheng Xuefeng, vice president of the Marketing Department of Hongshan Technology, said: “At present, the rise of various emerging application scenarios has provided a new driving engine for the digital transformation of traditional enterprises, and has also created huge market opportunities for many enterprises that provide data storage services. , Hongshan Technology continues to develop and innovate on the road of storage, based on emerging technologies such as SAN, distributed storage, backup storage, cloud and hyper-convergence, and is committed to providing a more solid digital base for user business systems.”

Focusing on technological innovation, Hongshan Technology has made a breakthrough in the field of enterprise-level storage!

Zheng Xuefeng, Vice President of Marketing Department of Hongshan Technology

Storage is critical in digital transformation

As we all know, my country’s hot digital transformation and intelligent upgrading trend in recent years is inseparable from the background of the rapid development of the digital economy. According to the latest White Paper on the Development of China’s Digital Economy (2020), the scale of China’s digital economy will reach 39.2 trillion yuan in 2020, and its GDP will account for 38.6%, with a growth rate much higher than other economic forms.

The promulgation of the “Opinions on Building a More Perfect Market-Based Allocation System and Mechanism for Factors” officially recognized data as a new factor of production. In the future digital China, digital government, and digital industry, data-driven businesses and scenarios will abound, and storage products that carry critical data will certainly be promising.

More importantly, the digital transformation of the industry will be the main theme of the digital economy. Due to various factors, the market segment of Xinchuang Storage has been born again in the data storage market. Waiting for the scene to taste it; now the situation is very different, for example, industries such as finance with high technical requirements are increasing the application of Xinchuang storage.” Zheng Xuefeng revealed.

When it comes to Xinchuang, it is inevitable to contact popular fields such as core chips, basic hardware, operating systems, middleware, and databases. In fact, like chips and operating systems, storage systems are also crucial to the development of the Xinchuang industry and even the entire digital economy, and shoulder the heavy responsibility of storage, management and protection of data assets.

Compared with chips, operating systems and other fields, Chinese storage manufacturers do not have a particularly big gap with international giants in terms of product and technical strength, and even in some subdivisions or local technologies, they are still in a leading position. Therefore, storage is actually one of the first products that are expected to be developed in the field of Xinchuang with international standards.

Taking Hongshan Technology as an example, since its birth, every line of code is in its own hands. After years of accumulation and dedicated research and development, Hongshan Technology has a complete storage product line, and at the same time, it has continuously made breakthroughs in the field of high-end storage, comparable to the world’s first-class storage manufacturers. In October last year, the all-flash array MS7000G2-Mach of Hongshan Technology broke a number of world records in the SPC-1 test: 16-controller IOPS 11 million, single-controller IOPS 687,500, the highest pressure delay 0.337ms, and the global ranking of many indicators First.

“The Xinchuang industry is still in its infancy. With the continuous improvement of the entire industry chain and the entire technology chain, it is necessary to make breakthroughs in the application layer, and the value of storage will be accelerated,” Zheng Xuefeng said. “For Hongshan In terms of technology, we have invested a lot of determination and patience in the creation of each storage product, only in this way can we consolidate storage as the cornerstone of the digital economy.”

Storage innovation requires determination and patience

There has always been a high threshold for data storage innovation. Even though enterprise-level storage has been developed for more than 30 years, only a few manufacturers have mastered high-end storage products. Today’s data storage market, thanks to the enrichment of scenarios and the emergence of new technologies, has ushered in an unprecedented innovation cycle, which has also brought many challenges.

Taking Xinchuang Storage as an example, while the Xinchuang industry is booming, some practical challenges cannot be ignored. For example, Xinchuang has multiple technical systems coexisting in chips, operating systems, etc., with a large variety of products and complex unified management; coupled with the accelerated upgrade and migration of core businesses, the stability and reliability of infrastructure including storage are affected. and performance have higher requirements.

“The biggest challenge for Xinchuang storage is compatibility. Taking a financial Xinchuang laboratory of a major bank as an example, there are more than 1,200 technical routes planned and verified.” Wang Zhenhao, director of the product department of Hongshan Technology, said. The idea of ​​Hongshan Technology is to give the greatest determination and patience, to understand the characteristics of Xinchuang technology system, and to solve the practical challenges faced by Xinchuang storage in a targeted manner. For example, the Feiteng processor, as an important technical system in the Xinchuang industry, is quite different from the X86 technology system adopted by the storage system in the past, and requires storage manufacturers to spend a lot of time modifying their own software technology stack to adapt to the relevant environment.

Focusing on technological innovation, Hongshan Technology has made a breakthrough in the field of enterprise-level storage!

Wang Zhenhao, Director of Hongshan Technology Products Department

Wang Zhenhao introduced: “It should be said that in order to succeed, Xinchuang Storage must continue to grow in practice. Hongshan Technology itself is also practicing this process. Since the launch of Xinchuang products in 2017, the products have improved in performance, function, stability, etc. We have made rapid progress in this regard, with more and more users and more and more deployment scenarios, our own products are also becoming more mature.”

It is reported that Hongshan Technology’s current self-controllable storage products mainly include two series: one is the mid-range self-controllable storage MS3000G2-FT based on the Feiteng 1500A 16-core processor, whose performance can reach 70% of general products. The second is the high-end storage MS7000G2-HG series products based on domestic X86 CPUs, building an end-to-end and nationally produced NVMe architecture to meet the requirements for high performance, high expansion, security and reliability of storage.

Taking the financial field as an example, financial customers such as banks, securities, and insurance have always been known for their harsh selection of storage products, and have extremely high requirements for storage performance, stability, and reliability. Hongshan Technology has been deeply involved in the financial industry for many years, and has currently served more than 140 financial institutions. Hongshan Technology has continuously accumulated and made breakthroughs in the field of high-end storage, making its Xinchuang storage products perform equally well in the financial field.

It is reported that the launch of MS7000G2-HG series products is inseparable from the participation of a customer in the financial field. Hongshan Technology cooperated deeply with customers to jointly promote the research and development and implementation of this product, and finally passed the test 4 months in advance, and was applied in the real business scenarios of users. Wang Zhenhao said: “For advanced storage functions such as active-active, mirroring, and disaster recovery, Hongshan Technology has now achieved a set of software technology stacks, which can be implemented between multiple platforms such as X86 and ARM.”

Not only that, Hongshan Technology is also a member unit of the Information Technology Application Innovation Working Committee and a member unit of the Photosynthetic Organization, and has won the “Best Innovation Award for Independent Control” issued by the China Computer Federation.

“Xinchuang storage products now account for a small proportion of Hongshan’s entire market share, but show exponential growth. In the future, at the product level, we will continue to improve the storage features.” Wang Zhenhao added.

Perfect layout, more flowers

After 20 years of hard work, Hongshan Technology has occupied a place in the SAN storage market representing a very high technical level, and has become a representative of innovation in the data storage market. However, Hongshan Technology has not satisfied its achievements. In recent years, it has been continuously improving its product line, and has made breakthroughs in many popular fields such as distributed storage, backup storage, cloud and hyper-convergence. With solid products and leading technologies Bloom more in the market.

Hongshan Technology’s move is undoubtedly in line with market demand. As we all know, the current industrial digitization and digital transformation has entered the stage of “deep water”. The most obvious feature of this stage is that data-driven business scenarios will become the new normal for enterprises. That is to say, the explosion of a large number of data-driven scenarios will inevitably bring about more and more abundant storage requirements, which requires storage manufacturers to improve Its own layout to meet market demand.

Focusing on technological innovation, Hongshan Technology has made a breakthrough in the field of enterprise-level storage!

“In addition to SAN storage, Hongshan Technology has also emerged in the fields of distributed storage, backup storage, cloud and hyper-convergence in recent years, providing users with complete and rich solutions, so that users have no data when digital transformation enters the deep water area. The worries of storage” Zheng Xuefeng said.

In addition, Hongshan Technology is also extremely important to the ecology. In Hongshan Technology’s view, storage belongs to the final home of data. Regardless of the technical system, storage manufacturers need to closely connect with various ecological partners to ensure that data can be stored, managed and used well under any technical system.

Taking Xinchuang as an example, Xinchuang’s products and technologies not only carry some traditional business systems, but also need to support new business scenarios based on new technologies and new applications such as AI, blockchain, and the Internet of Things. Ability is a test.

To this end, Hongshan Technology has cooperated with companies including Kylin, Galaxy Kylin, Tongxin UOS, Zhongke Fangde, Meditation, Inspur, H3C, Fangwu, Tencent Cloud, EasyStack, Alibaba Cloud, Kylin Cloud, Kingsoft Cloud, Inspur Cloud, Ziguang Cloud, Xunfei Cloud, Dameng, People’s Congress Jincang, Nantong University and other upstream and downstream partners of the Xinchuang industry chain have worked closely together, and have completed a lot of work in product testing and solution creation, so that Xinchuang storage products can truly Run and use.

“Focusing on technological innovation has been the most significant label of Hongshan Technology for many years, and it is also the concept that Hongshan Technology will continue to adhere to in the future. The rapid development of the digital economy in the future will bring a larger data storage market. Hongshan Technology is willing to continue to invest in it. , to make its own contribution to the digital economy, industrial digitization, and digital transformation.” Zheng Xuefeng said at the end.

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