Focusing on the third-generation semiconductor cutting field, Shengguang Silicon Research completed strategic financing

Investment community – Xi’an Venture News on June 16, recently, Xi’an Shengguang Silicon Research semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shengguang Silicon Research”) completed strategic financing. The investor is Shenzhen Jiejiawei Innovative Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jiejia Flextronics”), help Shengguang Silicon Research to become a demonstration high-tech company with technology carrying capacity and innovation-driven development for the pan-semiconductor industry. After this investment, the registered capital of Shengguang Silicon Research Institute increased to RMB 21.3333 million.

Shengguang Silicon Research was established in February 2021. Its main business is the research and development and sales of semiconductor materials and special equipment. Its main products include rounding, slicing, dicing and other equipment around the third-generation semiconductor wafer materials. As a technology leader in the new generation of semiconductor material processing equipment, Shengguang Silicon Research has 9 core technology patents in the field of semiconductor processing equipment. The micro-jet laser cutting technology it masters has successfully completed the cutting of 6-inch silicon carbide ingots, which can The preparation of high-efficiency, high-quality, low-cost, low-damage, and high-yield silicon carbide single crystal substrates is original, pioneering and pioneering in the field of third-generation semiconductor cutting, which will lead to global technological iterations in this field , has a very wide range of promotion and application value.

It is understood that Shengguang Silicon Research has patented a one-way four-way two-way six- and eight-step step cutting process for silicon carbide wafers, which is cut to the deepest position for the first time through the symmetrical position in the thickness direction of the silicon carbide ingot; In the same way as the right side, make 3 cuts to the same depth as the first time, so as to establish a relatively smooth surface with multiple water jet widths. This surface is used as the starting surface for the second depth cut to avoid water column interference; symmetrical at the center First cut of layer 2 to its deepest depth with the same spout on the left side of the line; followed by 2 cuts to the right of the thickness symmetry axis and to the same depth as the first cut of layer 2; first cut of layer 3 , to reach the depth above the radius of the silicon carbide ingot. The invention realizes high-depth cutting of single-crystal silicon carbide ingots through step cutting, realizes high-efficiency, high-quality, low-cost, low-damage and high-yield preparation of SiC single-crystal substrates, and has the value of popularization and application.

Yang Sen, general manager of Shengguang Silicon Research Institute, publicly disclosed the technical details and technical extension path for the first time at this event. After two years of research and development by the Shengguang Silicon Research Institute team, the surface morphology of the wafer completed by one cut is close to CMP processing. Level. And completed the registration of 9 patents, the declaration of 6 original invention patents, and has made a market promotion plan and long-term technology upgrade plan in the field of cutting technology.

Tian Nong, director of the Investment Cooperation Committee of Xi’an Aerospace Base, pointed out that in the context of decoupling between China and the United States, domestic independent innovation and development is the only way to go. The third-generation semiconductors represented by silicon carbide (SiC) have always been highly valued by the market. As an in-situ transformation project of scientific and technological achievements in the aerospace base, the research has won the strategic investment of the listed company Jiejia Flextronics, and has been recognized by the industry’s leading enterprises, which is an important milestone in the development.

Yu Zhong, chairman of investor Jiejia Flextronics, said that with the rapid development of 5G, artificial intelligence, and new energy vehicles, my country’s third-generation semiconductor industry is also fully erupting. Future development requires forward-looking technology to help start-ups and promote local Innovation. In the face of this important historical opportunity, Jiejia Flextronics will help Shengguang Silicon Research Institute, seize the latest development trend in the application of semiconductor materials in the information industry, and jointly promote lane-changing and overtaking in China’s semiconductor field.

Jiejia Flextronics is a leading national high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, production and sales of crystalline silicon solar cell equipment. The main products include photovoltaic equipment for semiconductor doping deposition processes such as PECVD and diffusion furnaces, photovoltaic equipment for wet processes such as cleaning, etching, and texturing, as well as automatic (supporting) equipment, automatic screen printing equipment and other crystalline silicon solar cell production processes. The R&D, manufacturing and sales of the main and supporting equipment in the company, the annual operating income in 2020 is more than 4 billion.

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