Fridge compressor demonstration boards

Fridge compressor demonstration boards

“Both boards are turn-key solutions for low power compressors that can be easily copied by customers to build final mass-production application boards,” according to the company, although the associated paperwork for both carries the caveat: “Environmental conditions have been considered in the design…  … the design is not qualified in terms of safety requirements, manufacturing and operation over the entire operating temperature range or lifetime”.

  • REF_Fridge_D111T_MOS (below) is a three-phase inverter with IMD111T-6F040 driver IC and IPN60R1K0PFD7S 600V in LQFP-40 and SOT-223 respectively
  • REF_Fridge_C101T_IM231 (above) is more integrated for a smaller footprint, combining a IMC101T-T038 digital motion IC with three-phase power Module based around 6A 600V IGBTs

Fridge compressor demonstration boards

D111T_MOS (left) implements sensorless field-oriented control for permanent magnet synchronous motors with space vector three or two-phase PWM. Motor-current sensing via a single or leg shunt and there is an option for analogue or digital hall sensor interface. Interfaces include UART, duty-cycle or analogue. Software is safety certifiedd to IEC60335-1/UL60730 Class B.

C101T_IM231 (top) implements field-oriented control for permanent magnet sensorless or Hall sensor synchronous motor – there is support for analogue or digital Hall sensors. Space vector PWM is provided with sinusoidal commutation. Current sensing, as with D111T_MOS, is via single shunt or leg shunt. Comparators are integrated for over-current protection. Host interfaces for speed commands include UART, SPI, PWM or analogue. MCE2.0 firmware has Class B pre-certification (IEC60335)

Product pages are:

Ref Fridge C101T IM231

Ref Fridge D111T MOS

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