Heavy! Shaoxing SMIC plans A-share IPO! No real controller!

Haitong Securities acts as a tutoring agency, and the tutoring period is roughly from July to October 2021. Shaoxing SMIC is based on micro-electromechanical (MEMS) and power device (Power) process technologies, focusing on the characteristic semiconductor system foundry services of sensing, connection and power. Starting from foundry, the company extends down to system modules and up to design services.

Shaoxing SMIC has no controlling shareholder and actual controller, and SMIC International Holdings Co., Ltd. is its second shareholder, holding a shareholding ratio of 19.57%.

  01 Focus: MEMS, MOSFET, IGBT characteristic process

Characteristic process: It refers to the characteristic process that is not dependent on size, which means that the construction and maintenance costs are low, the process is relatively mature, and the investment in product research and development is relatively small.

Heavy! Shaoxing SMIC plans A-share IPO! No real controller!

Shaoxing SMIC Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (SMIC Shaoxing, SMEC) was established in March 2018 and is headquartered in Shaoxing, Zhejiang. manufacturer of foundry services.

Since its establishment, SMIC Shaoxing has focused on artificial intelligence, mobile communications, automotive, industrial control and other fields. By building continuous R&D and industrialization capabilities, it strives to achieve the goal of reaching the world-class level in the manufacturing process of MEMS and power devices.In addition to the headquarters in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, we have sales and marketing offices in Shanghai, China, Tokyo, Japan, and Milan, Europe. We adhere to the business philosophy of “specialized process OEM service, and wholeheartedly help customers achieve excellence”, providing the best support to global customers.

02 Yield rate 99%, 70,000 wafers/month

SMIC, the largest wafer foundry in China, recently started mass production of another important project. According to news from Zhejiang Daily, SMIC Shaoxing, located in Shaoxing, began to ramp up its production capacity to 70,000 wafers per month, and the mass production reached 99%. %.

Heavy! Shaoxing SMIC plans A-share IPO! No real controller!

It is reported that 2020 is a critical year for the comprehensive construction of the Shaoxing integrated circuit industry platform. For more than a year, the platform has focused on the entire industrial chain of integrated circuit design-manufacturing-packaging-testing-equipment and application, taking multiple measures to lay a solid foundation for building a high-level modern industrial system with integrated circuits as the core.


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