Imec consortium to produce hydrogen

Imec consortium to produce hydrogen

Under the flag of Hyve, the consortium aims at a cost-efficient and sustainable production of hydrogen at gigawatt level.

The Hyve consortium is merging expertise in developing new components for electrolysis, with material suppliers, integration companies that will integrate the new components into their electrolysers, and companies that will use this innovative infrastructure to generate green hydrogen.

Flemish research centres imec and VITO (both partners in EnergyVille) will leverage their knowledge to boost the efficiency of the electrolysis-technology.

Imec’s expertise in solid state electrolytes, electrode surfaces, and process technology at nanoscale is combined with VITO’s expertise in membranes, catalysis, and system integration.
Bekaert, supplier of Metallic Porous Transport Layers for electrolysis, will supply the appropriate materials.

John Cockerill, which produces alkaline electrolyzers, will integrate the results into its production.

DEME which provides dredging and offshore energy services, aims at using the novel electrolysers to convert wind and solar energy into green hydrogen and derived green products (‘e-fuels’).

Through the ‘Hyport’-concept, DEME aims to import cheap green hydrogen products into Europe, complementary to local European production.

Retailer Colruyt Group will support research applications for sustainable transport. Colruyt is already running a hydrogen filling station, testing hydrogen-powered forklifts as well as the first heavy-duty trucks, collaborating on a green hydrogen plant in Zeebrugge through the energy holding company Virya Energy and is exploring e-fuels via Dats24.

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