In the medical field with 1 billion overweight, why do you say that Dong Mingzhu is “the drunkard’s intention is not wine”?

Recently, Dong Mingzhu is still busy.

As a leader in the field of home appliances, Gree has never been satisfied with only making home appliances. Starting from home appliances, it has successively set foot in different fields such as mobile phones, chips, automobiles, and robots. Even during the epidemic, Gree also switched to masks. And recently, Dong Mingzhu also revealed that Gree will enter the medical industry, and it will also deploy a “new infrastructure”! “We have made a lot of preliminary preparations now. In the smart home, we have made the layout of the whole industry chain from household appliances, kitchen appliances, air demand, etc.” On the evening of March 29, Dong Mingzhu was in the cloud live broadcast of CCTV Finance and Economics. said.

In the medical field with 1 billion overweight, why do you say that Dong Mingzhu is “the drunkard’s intention is not wine”?

“Cross-boundary Veteran” Transformation As a “veteran” in the manufacturing industry, Gree is on the road of transformation and strides forward under the impact of the new era of intelligence. In 2016, Gree officially announced that it will transform from an air-conditioning company to an intelligent equipment company. Through continuous upgrading of intelligent technology, it has realized the integration of all links from the field of intelligent equipment to the field of robots, from hardware to CNC systems. At the same time, Gree has also set foot in many fields through investment and production, from air conditioners, washing machines to mobile phones, chips, new energy vehicles, medical care, etc., exploring new ways one by one. For example, in 2016, Gree Electric purchased Yinlong with a valuation of 13 billion yuan, and obtained 100% equity of Zhuhai Yinlong. With the help of Yinlong’s core technology of lithium titanate battery, it quickly entered the field of new energy electric vehicles and officially entered the new energy industry. In 2017, Gree once again added more weight to the diversification strategy, clearly starting from the three fields of intelligent manufacturing, smart home and new energy industry, and gradually transforming into a service enterprise of the whole industry chain.

In the medical field with 1 billion overweight, why do you say that Dong Mingzhu is “the drunkard’s intention is not wine”?

Today, although Gree has repeatedly “hit the wall” in the field of mobile phones and new energy, Gree’s road to intelligent transformation in the field of home appliances has been quite effective, and it has already established an extensive layout in the field of smart home appliances. In terms of intelligence, Gree manufactures intelligent home appliances, such as the Gree Yunjin 1-horse inverter air conditioner, which can not only be controlled remotely, but also can judge the size of the room according to the flow rate of the room, and then perform reasonable frequency conversion to save electricity. At the same time, the self-cleaning technology of the evaporator can remove dust and so on through the four steps of condensation-frost-defrosting-drying, so as to ensure healthy air quality; in terms of new energy, Gree achieves technological breakthroughs in the integration of optical storage and storage. So as to realize the development of furniture energy system. On March 14, 2019, Gree released a zero-carbon healthy home smart system at the China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo. Relying on photovoltaic DC-driven smart products, it can realize the ecological intelligent management of the whole house and create an energy-saving, environmentally friendly, comfortable and healthy system. The brand-new smart home, together with the three intelligent entrances of Gree AI voice air conditioner, Gree IoT mobile phone and Gree finger vein smart door lock, together constitute the world’s unique system solution for photovoltaic DC driven smart home.

Today, Gree has fully transformed to intelligent, and has deployed the entire industrial chain through smart home, new energy, etc.

As one of the important scenarios for the application of high-end technology, medical equipment has always been the focus of technology companies, ranging from small consumer sports bracelets to professional telemedicine, medical imaging, etc. , which has attracted many technology companies. Under the pressure of the epidemic, the medical field has already become a “sweet pastry”, attracting many enterprises and investment institutions to enter the market one after another, and Gree is no exception.

On February 18, Gree established a “Zhuhai Gejian Medical Technology Co., Ltd.”, which mainly produces masks and other anti-epidemic materials. At the same time, Gree announced that it will use 1 billion to enter the medical field and develop medical equipment. Dong Mingzhu said, “In the fight against the epidemic, we found our shortcomings. Many of us are related to machinery, and many medical treatments also need machinery to support.”

In essence, home appliances and medical equipment have “commonality”, that is, they belong to Electronic products. Although there are great differences in product principles and functions, they are both composed of “mechanics + electronics” and belong to the electronics manufacturing industry. In addition, in addition to opening up its own development space, entering the medical field can also get involved in cutting-edge technology fields such as 5G, Internet of Things, and AI. These technologies are closely related to the medical field and are applied to high-end medical imaging equipment, intelligent portable medical equipment, etc. It is believed that these are likely to be within the target scope of Gree Medical’s layout.

At present, the market for high-end medical equipment is still occupied by foreign companies, and foreign capital has a dominant position. Although medical equipment and home appliances have similarities in theory, they are very different in practice. Previously, domestic brands such as TCL, Haier, and Hisense have all tried to enter the medical field, but it is difficult for them to compete with foreign brands. It can be seen that the successful experience in the field of home appliances cannot be completely replicated in the medical field, and the advantages of foreign companies in terms of technical barriers and brand trust are obviously not easily broken. However, from Gree’s previous “cross-border” experience, maybe this is another time of Dong Mingzhu’s “drunkard’s intention not to drink”. Its purpose is still not the medical equipment itself, but “smart manufacturing”.

Whether it is home appliances, mobile phones, chips, cars, robots and medical equipment, “manufacturing” is inseparable, especially the transformation and upgrading brought by “smart manufacturing”. For medical equipment, it is even more inseparable from the help of intelligent manufacturing. After gaining “cross-border” experience in multiple industries, despite repeated setbacks, Gree’s accumulated manufacturing experience and problem-solving concepts are bound to be used in any of its “smart manufacturing” practices. In the special period of the epidemic, the country has proposed a “new infrastructure” strategy, and the manufacturing industry at the bottom of the industrial chain bears the brunt of it. Among them, intelligent manufacturing has become the only way for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in the future.

As the leader of traditional home appliances, Gree has already passed many “cross-border” attempts, knows the importance of intelligent manufacturing, and has rich experience and precipitation. Medical treatment is just another attempt by Dong Mingzhu, but it will not be the end. Gree has always been on the road of intelligent manufacturing.

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