Made in China 2025 will bring benefits to the industrial control field

The introduction of “Made in China 2025” has brought a new round of market investment to many industries. Among them, industrial automatic control devices, industrial robots, intelligent complete sets of equipment, and intelligent terminal products involving intelligent manufacturing have better prospects. Although “Made in China 2025” is still a programmatic document, it determines the development direction of future economic transformation and upgrading. In this plan, the industries involved are also very comprehensive, so there are investment opportunities in many industries.

Industry insiders believe that in the industries mentioned in the plan that need key breakthroughs, there will be investment opportunities that will last for several years. For example, in terms of integrated circuits, the import substitution of domestic chips will advance faster. In the above plan, the key areas that need to vigorously promote breakthrough development include the new generation of information technology industry, high-end CNC machine tools and robots, aviation steel equipment, marine engineering equipment, high-speed rail, new energy vehicles, agricultural machinery, power equipment, new Materials, Biomedicine and Medical Devices.


As one of the cornerstones of the upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry, the electronics industry will eventually see gold when the waves are exhausted. The concept of green manufacturing proposed by “Made in China 2025” is a new benefit for excellent environmental protection steel companies. In the plan, it is proposed to formulate a special intelligent manufacturing development plan, clarify development goals, major tasks and major layouts, and accelerate the integration of intelligence, Internet and manufacturing. Some analysts believe that the spring of intelligent manufacturing is coming.

A research report by CITIC Construction Investment believes that intelligent manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing are the main lines of China’s manufacturing industry from large to strong. Manufacturing technology represented by digitalization and intelligence is the key to improving the overall efficiency of China’s manufacturing industry; and the development of service-oriented manufacturing is an inevitable trend to enhance the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. Intelligent manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing are applicable to all industries in China’s manufacturing industry, and will run through the entire process of “from big to strong” in China’s manufacturing industry in the future.

According to the analysis of CITIC Construction Investment, the development of intelligent manufacturing is an inevitable trend for China’s manufacturing industry to transform into digitalization and intelligence. Investment opportunities under this trend come from three aspects: First, intelligent control devices, that is, the development trend of industrial automatic control devices The second is intelligent manufacturing machines, that is, industrial robots, CNC machine tools and intelligent complete sets of equipment; the third is intelligent terminal products, that is, intelligent products that can be integrated into intelligence and networking. Service-oriented manufacturing is the transformation of Chinese manufacturing from selling products to selling value-added services, that is, service-oriented manufacturing = products + value-added services; under the trend of service-oriented manufacturing in China, we are optimistic about the market development of industrial services.

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