New temperature sensor from ams combines high accuracy with ultra-low power consumption

The AS621x family of temperature sensors have the advantages of low power consumption and small footprint, providing excellent performance in a variety of application conditions

Small size – 1.5mm2 Wafer Level Chip Package (WLCSP) for easy integration into existing or future designs

Ultra-low power consumption enables digital temperature sensing in new consumer Electronic devices

· Three precision versions, easy for customers to choose the most suitable product according to their needs

China, November 11, 2019, ams AG (SIX: AMS), the world’s leading supplier of high-performance sensor solutions, today announced the AS621x series of temperature sensors, which are suitable for The range is broad, including a variety of consumer electronics and wearables, health-related monitoring systems, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

In today’s IoT era, the new AS621x series of temperature sensors are uniquely positioned to make it easier for ams customers to integrate this 1.5mm2Small form factor Wafer Level Chip Packages (WLCSPs) are integrated into designs without worrying about power consumption or footprint. This product family uses an industry-standard serial interface, eight selectable I²C addresses, and a factory-calibrated temperature sensor, making prototyping and design verification easier than ever. This excellent combination makes the AS621x family suitable for a wide range of applications, ranging from industrial process control solutions, IoT applications (such as cold chain monitoring, medical data acquisition, etc.) to battery powered mobile electronics and wearables.

Michael Leitner, Vice President and General Manager of the Medical and Professional Sensors business line at ams, said: “The new AS621x family of temperature sensors from ams is ideal for battery-operated devices, including wearables, laptops and tablets. .The small form factor and extremely low power consumption of this series of sensors enable thermal control in a compact size, making thermal management easy for customers.”

Industry-leading temperature accuracy, available in three temperature accuracy ranges to meet customer needs

The AS621x series temperature sensor provides three precision versions, which are more flexible to meet the different needs of customers: AS6212 has an accuracy of ±0.2°C; AS6214 has an accuracy of ±0.4°C; AS6218 has an accuracy of ±0.8°C. The sensor was introduced to help customers more easily integrate temperature sensors into their systems. To this end, ams reduced the power supply voltage range to 1.71V and increased the number of configurable I2C addresses to eight, which greatly facilitates customers to flexibly and easily monitor up to eight system heat sources point, especially during prototyping.

The AS621x is a complete digital temperature detection system that is factory calibrated to an accuracy of +/-0.2°C, so customers can simply solder the sensor solution to the PCB and have the highest level of accuracy in the industry, while No further calibration work is required. In addition, the temperature value output resolution has also been improved to 16 bits, which can sense temperature changes more sensitively.

The temperature sensor has the same ultra-small size of 1.5mm x 1mm (in WLCSP package) as the previous generation sensor (AS620x) from ams, and has an industry-leading low power consumption level at four samples per second. The current is typically only 6µA at a measurement rate of 1.

The AS621x temperature sensor family is now in volume production. Prices start from EUR 0.62 per unit for quantities of 1,000 pieces. Evaluation boards are available.


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