Nvidia and Tencent Cloud collaborate to launch cloud-based AR/VR solutions

On December 16, NVIDIA announced at the GTC China conference that its CloudXR platform will support Tencent Cloud Platform, allowing cloud users to stream XR content to remote VR and AR devices. Leverage Tencent Cloud’s cloud GPU computing capabilities to transform any end device, including head-mounted displays (HMDs) and connected Windows and Android devices, into high-definition XR displays that Display professional-quality images.

With cloud streaming, professionals can now easily set up, scale and access AR/VR content anywhere, without being tethered to a workstation or external VR system, Nvidia says. Users can get a high-definition streaming experience in the cloud without deploying a workstation or an external VR tracking system.

It is understood that CloudXR is built on NVIDIA RTX GPU and CloudXR SDK, and allows you to stream AR, MR or VR experiences from anywhere, from the data center, cloud or edge. With NVIDIA GPU virtualization software, CloudXR will be able to scale efficiently and allow multiple users to securely share GPU resources.

Nvidia’s early access partner, Radiance City, has deployed CloudXR on Tencent Cloud GPU cloud computing instances and provides high-quality VR and AR experiences to XR users across the country.

The Mars intelligent visual design platform software under Glorious City provides software cloud services for more than 1,000 well-known design institutions and 200 architecture and landscape universities. Many existing models are large in scale and rich in textures, requiring the highest fidelity when making design decisions.

“The CloudXR experience is excellent, almost identical to the experience of a wired-connected device,” said Zhu Yiting, CTO of Bright City. “By streaming from Tencent Cloud with CloudXR, we are able to provide more customers with a rich immersive package.”

Song Dandan, Director of Heterogeneous Computing Products at Tencent Cloud, said: “Tencent Cloud will work with NVIDIA to deepen the comprehensive cooperation in the VR/AR industry, allowing users to enjoy a unique and high-quality immersive experience anytime, anywhere. By combining super computing power and cloud performance, we It will jointly accelerate the popularization and application of VR/AR in smart life.”

CloudXR has landed on TencentMarketplace. At the same time, users can obtain CloudXR on Tencent through the private beta program.

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