Parts processing, non-standard parts processing

Parts processing and non-standard parts processing are the processing methods that are often encountered in the current processing industry. Our company can process according to customer drawings and samples according to customer needs and working conditions to meet customers’ demanding needs.


PTJ company undertakes a variety of non-standard mechanical parts, which can be processed according to customer drawings or processed with supplied materials. Product materials include 45 steel, 40Cr, SKD11, CR12, S136, stainless steel 304, 316, copper H62, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy 5052, 6061, 7075, etc., as well as various special metal materials. The processing materials are taken on-site and processed by high-precision milling machine or CNC to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the product, the processing and production cycle is short, and the cost performance is high. The post-treatment processes of aluminum alloy products include natural oxidation, blackening oxidation, etc., and steel parts have surface treatment processes such as chrome plating, blackening, nickel plating, and zinc plating.


Processing and customization


Process various non-standard parts according to the drawings provided by the customer. The customer needs to provide 2D drawings or 3D drawings. If the drawings are changed, please contact our company’s sales staff in time, change the drawings, and confirm the correctness. After processing and production, we will usually make samples first, and then According to the samples confirmed by the customers, we will produce hardware parts in batches. The source is Dongguan Yilin machining and precision parts processing.

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