Problems and solutions in the process of CNC machining

CNC machining is a commonly used precision parts processing method. Dongguan Yilin Industrial Co., Ltd. has also cultivated many talents in core machining during its years of development.

Based on customized processing and mass production of medical and communication parts, Dongguan Yilin Industrial Co., Ltd. has pioneered the manufacturing of precision parts for automobiles, drones and office automation. Because of its special structure, CNC CNC walking machine has advantages that conventional CNC lathes can’t match when processing some special parts.

cnc walking heart machining

Next, let’s analyze the processing advantages of CNC CNC walking machines from a professional perspective, and immediately enter the wonderful interpretation:

A: The cutting process of cnc CNC walking machine is relatively stable. Except for the intermittent surface, the machining process of the lathe is generally continuous, unlike planing and milling. In the process of one pass, the cutter teeth have Cut-in and cut-out many times, resulting in conflicts;

B: The CNC CNC corer is easier to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece during turning. During processing, the workpiece will rotate around a fixed axis, so that its surface has a unified axis of rotation, which is easier to ensure processing Concentricity of surface and cross section;

C: Many of the tools processed by cnc CNC core machining can be shared with CNC lathes. It is more convenient to manufacture and sharpen. Many experienced masters can sharpen independently, so this facilitates the angle requirements of different parts;


D: CNC CNC walking machine can be applied to the precision processing of non-ferrous metals. Most of the non-ferrous metals have low hardness. For example, aluminum alloys, copper alloys and other materials have good plasticity, and it is difficult to obtain smoothness by using other processing methods. s surface;

E: The cutting force is stronger. In short, it can be understood that the force of the ordinary CNC lathe tool around the workpiece is different from the tool movement route of CNC core machining. Therefore, when processing materials with stronger hardness, they have more High processing precision, and the shaft core products that can not be processed by conventional lathes can be easily processed by manual machining;

In fact, many friends who are engaged in scoring machining will come into contact with all kinds of precision hardware parts when they just start learning, and the products of domestic and foreign brands of CNC scoring machines are slightly different. On the whole, there are also Great similarity. Dongguan Yilin Industrial Co., Ltd. adopts imported CNC machine brands such as Tsugami, Nomura, and star, and can process aluminum alloy, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper alloy, pom, peek, Teflon and other materials in the size of φ3mm~φ25mm. Precision parts.

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