PTJ follows the rules during the machining process of CNC machining center


CNC machining is a kind of machining. Some friends will encounter many problems during the machining process. It is caused by not following many machining principles. Let’s take a look at what are some machining principles we should follow in the CNC machining process. .

1. What should the configuration of CNC processing sequence follow?

1. The processing of the previous process will not affect the placement and lower position of the next process, and the intermediate processing process must be considered in the middle.


2. Add the inner cavity to the process, and then execute the process of processing the form.


3. It is best to connect the same position, fixing method or the same processing blade to reduce the number of repeated time slots, the number of tool changes and the number of movable plates.


4. In multiple processes carried out in the same device, the rigid damage process to the workpiece must be repaired first.

Second, the division of CNC machining operations can usually be done in the following ways:


The method of categorizing the concentration of tools is to divide all the parts that can be combined according to the parts of the same tool in the process of dividing the tool used. Use the second knife and third handle to complete the other parts you can complete. This can reduce the number of tool changes, shorten downtime and reduce unnecessary positioning errors.


2. The processing part is divided into several parts according to its structural characteristics, such as internal shape, shape, curved surface or plane. Generally, the plane, positioning surface and the back surface of the orifice require precision processing to be processed first, simple geometric shapes are processed first, and complex geometric shapes are processed first, and the accuracy of the workpiece is processed first and it is greater .


3. The roughing and finishing sequence method is necessary for the deformation of parts that are easy to be deformed due to the deformation that may occur after roughing. Therefore, it is usually necessary to separate roughing and finishing.


In short, when dividing the process, it should be based on the structure and machinability of the workpiece, the function of the machine tool, the number of CNC machining content of the workpiece, the number of equipment and the production organization of the unit. It is also recommended to adopt the principle of process concentration or process dispersion, which must be determined according to the status quo, but must be reasonable.

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