Rutronik launches Infineon NFC wireless configuration IC with PWM output

Infineon’s NFC PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) series NLM0011/NLM0010 provides a fast and cost-effective implementation of Near Field Communication (NFC) programming for LED drivers. Contactless exchange via NFC replaces labor-intensive “plug-in resistor” current setting methods, increasing operational efficiency and maximizing value chain flexibility. This technology reduces the variety of LED drivers, which simplifies LED Module selection and allows configuration at the end of the configuration process. The NFC-PWM series NLM0011 / NLM0010 are available on the Rutronik e-commerce website

Since the NFC-PWM family is compatible with common analog driver ICs, there is no need to develop firmware and can be easily integrated into existing designs. Both components of the series have passive and active modes of operation. In passive mode, PWM-related parameters can be configured wirelessly through the NFC interface without powering the LED module. In active mode, when VCC power is applied, a PWM output is generated according to the stored parameters. An external RC filter converts the PWM signal to the required DC voltage to control the current output of the LED driver.

A special feature of the NLM0011 is the integrated constant lumen output (CLO) function. By automatically adjusting the LED current according to the LED aging characteristics, the aging effect of the LED module can be compensated. The integrated on-time counter (OTC) and LED degradation curves stored in the CLO table help automatically adjust the PWM duty cycle to compensate for LED degradation. The NLM0010 is a simple model without the CLO function. Both models include non-volatile memory with Unique Identification Data (UID) and 20 bytes of user data storage.

In addition to LED power supplies, the NFC-PWM series is also suitable for motor control and switch mode power supplies (SMPS).

Customers can find more information about the Infineon NFC PWM series and direct ordering options on the Rutronik e-commerce website, and can also place orders directly:


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