Samsung doesn’t look down on it, and Honor directly benchmarks against Apple!

Recently, the hot news related to domestic mobile phones has been occupied by Honor, especially after the release of the Honor 50 series models yesterday, users who have been waiting for this for a long time are gearing up to start. Everyone has already understood the relevant configuration of each model. Almost there, I won’t go into details here. Let’s talk about some of Zhao Ming’s interviews after the meeting. Whether it is short-term or long-term, we can understand the future development direction of Honor mobile phones.

We all know that the Honor mobile phone has just started, so naturally we have to set a goal for ourselves. There are too many mobile phone manufacturers in the low-end and mid-end field. It is really difficult to find a competitor in this field for a while, but it is necessary to enhance the brand influence. Power, of course, is to take the high-end route. For this reason, Zhao Ming has set a goal for Honor’s future high-end models, that is, to be on par with Apple. on the Magic series.

Samsung doesn’t look down on it, and Honor directly benchmarks against Apple!

But the problem is that Samsung’s high-end mobile phones also have strong global strength, but their market share in China is relatively low, so Zhao Ming emphasized that it is in the domestic market, but he did not mention Xiaomi, OV and other manufacturers, only Apple took it. To achieve a shoulder-to-shoulder goal, it can only be said that the starting point is set very high, so why not take out some flagship models of domestic mobile phone manufacturers? Zhao Ming’s next words will offend his friends a bit.

The Snapdragon 888 chip is the standard configuration of the current Android flagship models, and Zhao Ming believes that the current experience of some top flagships equipped with the Snapdragon 888 is very bad. Although he did not name the product of which manufacturer, it is qualified to be called The top flagships are just those, and everyone can basically guess it. This may also be a warm-up for the Magic model that will use the Snapdragon 888 before the end of this year.

Samsung doesn’t look down on it, and Honor directly benchmarks against Apple!

There is another question that everyone may be very concerned about, and that is when the Honor mobile phone can use the Hongmeng system. This point, Zhao Ming seems to be playing Tai Chi, claiming that the new Honor products will still use the Android system, and when to use it. The Hongmeng system still has to make decisions based on the preferences of global users.

In other words, Honor mobile phones will not be limited to the domestic market in the future, but will be available to global users, but Zhao Ming also said that Honor will pay close attention to the development of the Hongmeng system, which means that it is not impossible to use Hongmeng, but the time is not yet ripe. , Based on the actual situation, the Honor mobile phone has just started. Naturally, it must use a mature and stable Android system first. Being able to use Hongmeng as an alternative has already demonstrated its attitude towards the future.

Samsung doesn’t look down on it, and Honor directly benchmarks against Apple!

As for whether Honor can become Apple’s opponent in the future, we will wait and see.

Samsung: Anyway, I am also a nobleman, so I don’t have the qualifications to be a Glory opponent?


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