Shanghai will provide housing and household registration support for talent exploration in key fields such as integrated circuits and artificial intelligence

On the morning of October 27, the 26th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 15th Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress reviewed the report on the city’s promotion of high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. Wu Jincheng, director of the Municipal Economic Information Commission, said that we will vigorously introduce and cultivate high-end industrial talents, focus on key areas such as integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, and biomedicine, strengthen the introduction and cultivation of industrial talents in short supply, and explore more in housing, capital, household registration and other aspects. Strong support.

At the “Online New Economy Forum Hongqiao Summit” held on October 13, Chen Mingbo, Deputy Secretary-General of the Shanghai Municipal Government, said that Shanghai is strengthening the four major “global resource allocation, scientific and technological innovation strategy, high-end industry leadership, and open hub portal”. Function”. Chen Mingbo emphasized that Shanghai has very dynamic human resources, 5G R&D talents account for 52% of the country, integrated circuit industry talents account for 40% of the country, and artificial intelligence field talents account for 33.7% of the country.

According to data provided by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, as of the end of 2019, there were more than 600 key enterprises in the integrated circuit industry in Shanghai, employing about 200,000 people, and the industry scale accounted for about 20% of China (mainland).

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