Silicon Labs Introduces Security Services Tailored Solution to Support IoT’s ‘Zero Trust’ Security Model

Beijing, China – September 15, 2021 – Silicon Labs (also known as Silicon Labs, NASDAQ: SLAB) announces a new customized security service solution that enables IoT enterprises to implement the Zero Trust security architecture to meet emerging cybersecurity standards to combat rising threats. The new security products complement Silicon Labs’ industry-leading Secure Vault™ technology, which provides the industry’s first Custom Part Manufacturing Service (CPMS) for wireless SoCs and modules. CPMS is a security configuration service that assists IoT developers in customizing connected products with advanced security features to protect software, hardware and ecosystems. The new product also includes up to 10 years of Software Development Kit (SDK) support services to cover the entire lifecycle of IoT products.

According to the 2021 IoT Enterprise Survey conducted by the international market research agency Omdia, over the past year, executives working on IoT projects have increased their concerns about IoT security by 13%; There was a 59% increase in IoT malware attacks in half a year, and major breaches and hacking incidents targeting critical infrastructure and household devices also raised consumer concerns about quality.

“Developers face a daunting challenge of driving innovation in home and industrial IoT products while keeping them safe from evolving security threats, so trusted security software, hardware solutions Solutions are critical to achieving this goal. Gone are the days when a simple password protection was sufficient for authentication. Our new security service customization solution makes it easier for developers to customize hardware identity and trusted security stack over-the-air (OTA) updates to reduce risk from vulnerabilities in software, hardware and over-the-air access.”

With Silicon Labs’ security services, IoT businesses can prevent security breaches, as well as intellectual property damage and counterfeiting. The new service also supports global cybersecurity and communications standards, such as the Zero Trust security architecture mandated by the US Executive Order, and the Matter and Wi-SUN standards for secure identification.

Silicon Labs Security Services

New Security Services Bespoke solutions – including Custom Component Manufacturing Services (CPMS) and Long Term Software Development Kit Support Services (LTSSS) – provide trusted and cost-effective security services for the entire IoT product lifecycle:

The CPMS portal enables developers to easily and securely configure Silicon Labs wireless SoCs and modules featuring Secure Vault™ technology, including Secure Boot and Secure Debug, as well as secure wireless (OTA) bootloader, customer specific keys, standard flash programming and custom identity for Zero Trust architecture, etc.

Silicon Labs’ long-term SDK support service not only dramatically reduces costly testing and re-implementation due to code changes, but also leverages security patches and bug fixes to ensure select Silicon Labs GSDK releases receive up to 10 years of Maintenance and Support.

Secure Vault: Leading IoT Security Technology

Launched in 2020, Secure Vault is an award-winning suite of advanced capabilities to assist connected device manufacturers in addressing the ever-escalating and evolving IoT security threats and regulatory pressures. Secure Vault has received SmartCert Security Certification from the ioXt Alliance for its robust IoT security protection. The ioXt Alliance, the global standards body for IoT security, has selected PSA certification as the underlying Root of Trust scheme in its certification program announced in October 2020. Earlier this year, Secure Vault became the first IoT solution in the world to receive PSA Level 3 certification.


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