SK Hynix Chongqing Chip Packaging Plant Suspension Follow-up: Resumption of Work and Production

Recently, the news that SK Hynix semiconductor (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. temporarily suspends production due to a Korean employee Han Moumou was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia has attracted great attention in the industry.

According to a report released by Chongqing, on November 30, the Office of the Leading Group for the Prevention and Control of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic in Chongqing High-tech Zone announced that all employees of SK Hynix Semiconductor (Chongqing) Company and related personnel had completed nucleic acid tests, all of which were negative.

As of 23:00 on November 30, a total of 55 close contacts of Han Moumou were traced, all nucleic acid tests were negative, and serum antibody tests were all negative; 144 were close contacts of close contacts, and all nucleic acid tests were negative; general contacts 8213 Humans, nucleic acid tests were all negative.

A total of 674 samples were taken from SK Hynix Semiconductor (Chongqing) Company and Holiday Inn Chongqing R&F, and the environment (including Han Moumou’s work and residence) was sampled, and all nucleic acid tests were negative.

Chongqing issued a statement stating that under the premise of implementing epidemic prevention and control measures, enterprises will resume work and production, and hotels will resume business.

According to the official confirmation from Global Semiconductor Watch to the SK Hynix Chongqing plant, the plant has resumed operations today.

SK Hynix Semiconductor (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. is a packaging and testing factory invested and constructed by SK Hynix in Chongqing. It is located in Zone B of Chongqing Xiyong Comprehensive Bonded Zone, with a cumulative registered capital of US$400 million. The factory was put into operation in the second half of 2014. The main production capacity is the NAND Flash packaging and testing production line. The first phase of the project is tested, and the second phase is dedicated to packaging.

At present, it mainly produces NAND Flash, a flash memory product suitable for mobile terminals. The products are mainly used in mobile terminal equipment such as smart phones, tablet computers, and USB.


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