Smart medical care driven by 5G, helping the frontline of medical care

All along, the upgrade of grass-roots county medical institutions is imminent, and the challenges brought by this year’s epidemic have exacerbated this demand. With the advent of 5G technology, grass-roots county medical institutions have ushered in new hope. Among them, the combination of 5G in-depth application and Philips’ latest portable ultrasound Lumify has helped realize the sinking of high-quality medical resources and opened up the last mile of smart medical care.

On a land area of ​​1,267 square kilometers in Chongming District, Shanghai, there are only one tertiary hospital, two secondary hospitals, two specialized hospitals, 18 community health service centers and three small-scale private hospitals focusing on outpatient care. .

“The 18 community medical service centers in the region are the first stop for the first consultation for the masses. If the problem can be solved in the community hospital, the purpose of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment will be achieved.” Liu Lan, director of the ultrasound department, said. A “handheld” ultrasound device for clinical use, such as the Philips Lumify Smart Portable Ultrasound, is not only light and compact, but also can generate clear and reliable images, which is just right to meet the needs of primary health institutions.


With the help of the 5G platform, the Xinhua-Chongming Regional Medical Consortium has created a 5G-ultrasound diagnosis training center and constructed a consultation system with three modules: community fixed-point consultation, mobile ultrasound consultation, and expert mobile consultation, so as to solve problems in community health service centers in real time and space. Consultation work in times of illness, emergencies in the region, or emergency emergencies can better play the leading role of Xinhua Hospital Chongming Branch as a regional medical center.

In the 5G Ultrasound Diagnosis Training Center, Liu Lan is remotely guiding the doctors of Chengqiao Community Health Service Center to conduct thyroid ultrasound examination

In the future, after Chongming 5G is fully covered and the community consultation network is fully connected, Philips portable ultrasound Lumify may also be extended to family wards. In the 5G Ultrasound Diagnosis Training Center of Xinhua Hospital Chongming Branch, experts can remotely guide the operation of medical staff in various community health service centers or family wards, and conduct remote consultations for difficult cases, saving patients from going to large hospitals to check, get reports, Travel time to see a doctor.

Philips Lumify portable ultrasound not only participated in the construction of the mobile ultrasound remote consultation Module, but is also used in teaching training, training of ultrasound doctors in community health service centers and phantom training for standardized operations. The teaching and standardized training of the center will also be distributed to the community through the Internet in the future.

It is understood that Philips Lumify ultrasound has also been used in the front line of epidemic prevention in Leishenshan Hospital. Its small size and portable characteristics are very suitable for front-line medical staff wearing protective clothing to conduct mobile ultrasound examinations.

Smart healthcare is by no means a concept or slogan. Under the huge demand and the test of the epidemic, effectively improving the technical capabilities and service levels of medical institutions will become an important consideration for leading future medical care and hospital construction. Landing and development are more imminent. It is believed that smart medical care driven by innovative technologies will become an important tool to promote the construction of a healthy China.

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