Solution download/From cells to battery packs, all in the ITS5300 battery charge and discharge test system

Scenario 1: Battery Manufacturer

In the process of battery production and testing, overcharge and overdischarge and imbalance between cells are the main factors that lead to battery life degradation. On the other hand, with the expansion of the company’s business scope, the power of the battery pack is increasing. How to use the existing equipment to meet the high-power demand and solve the problem of high test costs has always been the concern of battery manufacturers.

Scenario 2: Manufacturers of home appliances/EV/energy storage power stations that use batteries

As a downstream user of the battery, when the battery is applied to the actual product for testing, it may not reach the nominal number of lifespans. How to effectively evaluate the actual battery life in advance in order to select suitable battery specifications and suppliers is the main purpose of battery user testing.

It can be seen that what you are concerned about in the battery test…?

Ø How to delay battery life during testing?

Ø How to solve the high test cost of high-power battery?

Ø How to improve the utilization of test equipment?

Ø How to evaluate the actual life in combination with usage conditions in the early stage of product development?

Ø How to quickly analyze the failed battery?

Ø How to obtain more intuitive data to improve battery process?

ITECH battery system solves your testing difficulties and reduces electricity cost by 85%

#delay battery life# In order to further improve the safety and reliability of the system and avoid the degradation of battery life caused by misoperation, the ITECH battery test system provides a pre-judgment function before charging and discharging tests, and screens out unqualified battery packs in advance, so as to replace the internal failed cells in time. On the other hand, for the imbalance in the test process, the system can cooperate with the BMS to complete the balanced charge and discharge test to avoid battery life degradation caused by overcharge and overdischarge.

#Cost and Equipment Utilization# Cost has always been a concern of users, especially for high-power battery testing. According to the charging standard of 0.5 yuan per kilowatt-hour of electricity, assuming an average consumption of 60kWh a day, the cost of electricity consumption is about 30,000 yuan. ITECH provides energy-feedback solutions for cell-to-battery pack testing, with a feedback efficiency of up to 95%, which means that 57kWh of electricity can be fed back to the grid, which greatly saves electricity costs. In addition, the system can be flexibly switched between multi-channel low-power and few-channel high-power.

#Evaluate the real lifespan# In real applications (such as EV battery), the current size and direction change with the acceleration, deceleration, idling and other working conditions of the vehicle. If the battery is installed in the actual vehicle, it is obviously inappropriate to evaluate the cruising range. Our software can restore the real working conditions in the laboratory, simulate up to 1,000,000 current values, and the current switching time (-90%~90%) is less than 2ms.

#Battery performance and failure analysis#The ultimate purpose of battery testing is to obtain battery life decay rate, temperature characteristics, and rate characteristics. If the voltage-capacity curves at different temperatures are reflected in the same graph, I believe this Display will save your later data processing time. In ITECH’s battery solutions, we help users to complete the analysis quickly and intuitively through the combination of statistical analysis, filtering and functional functions. For the abnormality in the test process, the system can record the fault source and the specific value in detail, so as to facilitate the tracing of the failure cause and the later improvement.

If you want to know more detailed battery system function introduction, you can click the link below to download the product leaflet.

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