Steam’s Most Popular Graphics Card Models Are Out: Did You Guess It?

Recently, Steam, the world’s largest PC game platform, released the statistics of players’ software and hardware for January 2020, revealing the share data of graphics cards, processors, and systems.

The first is the graphics card. At present, the most popular graphics card for Steam players is still the GTX 1060, but it has fallen by 2.87% month-on-month to 13.51%; the next 10 cards are GTX 1050Ti, GTX 1050, GTX 1070, GTX 1080, GTX970, RTX2060, GTX 960, GTX 750Ti, GTX 1660Ti, RX 580.

AMD graphics cards have made significant progress this month, with the RX 580 rising to the 11th position (16th last month), and its share increased by 0.27% month-on-month to 1.85%.

Then there is the CPU. Intel CPU share decreased by 1.97% month-on-month to 78.64%, while AMD CPU share increased by 1.98% month-on-month to 21.36%. This is also the first time that AMD’s share has exceeded 20% in the past six months.

Next is the system version. Windows 10 64-bit system dropped by 14%, with a share of 63%; these shares were all eaten by Windows 7 64-bit, and its share also rose to 34.11%. This result is a bit counterintuitive.

The last is the statistics of the number of CPU cores. The largest number is 4 cores, with a share of 50%; followed by 6 cores, with a share of 20.52%; followed by dual cores, with a share of 20.51%; and then 8 cores, with a share of only 5.76%. Except for 4-core processors, the share of other multi-core processors increased.

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