Suppressing Huawei: Is it really safe for Europe to “remove”?

As we all know, fear of competition cannot bring about technological progress, but only leads to one’s own backwardness. To put it 10,000 steps back, if both countries “removed” each other’s companies, no matter how expensive the so-called “removal” solution is, is it really safe to “remove”?

As the U.S. election is in full swing, the Swedish government quietly used the so-called “threat to national security” as an excuse to ban Huawei and other Chinese companies from participating in Sweden’s 5G spectrum auction on November 10, and asked relevant telecom companies to dismantle their existing 5G spectrum within a time limit. The behavior of Huawei equipment in network facilities has aroused dissatisfaction from all walks of life.

The Chinese Embassy in Sweden responded on October 20, saying that China firmly opposes the abuse of the concept of “national security”. Without any factual basis and conclusive evidence, it violates market laws and the principle of fair competition, and excludes specific companies from specific countries. “Unwarranted” charges suppress Chinese companies and artificially block cooperation.

In a series of measures to strengthen 5G security proposed by the European Union, Chinese companies are not prohibited from participating in the construction of European 5G networks. It goes without saying that Sweden is a typical representative of the “political suppression” of Chinese companies following the US. However, no solid evidence has been produced. As warned by the European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA), banning the use of equipment from Chinese suppliers for geopolitical reasons will increase network construction costs and delay network upgrades.

Practice has once again proved that peaceful development and win-win cooperation are the main themes of the times. China will still firmly uphold multilateralism, firmly stand on the right side of history, and make unremitting efforts to build a positive and favorable international environment.

In the future, China will continue to improve the pre-entry national treatment plus negative list management system for foreign investment, open arms to foreign-funded enterprises that are willing to cooperate and win-win, and continue to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation. We will also resolutely resist countries where companies are excluded.

Self-isolation cannot solve one’s own security. Only by working together can we make progress together, and only by working together can we achieve common security.

In the future, the scale of China’s foreign trade import and export, foreign capital utilization and foreign investment will continue to expand. At present, the United States is suppressing and “decoupling” China’s economy, but as the two largest economies in the world, it is not realistic to completely “decoupling” China and the United States. If you think about this, you are welcome to leave a message for discussion!

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