Talking about the factors that affect CNC machining accuracy

many friends are asking about the reasons for the impact of CNC machining accuracy. For this problem, we first give two aspects: one is caused by processing technology, which everyone is very familiar with.

It is clear that the pros and cons of the technology will definitely affect the processed products. The second point is the problem of the machine itself. The machining accuracy of the machine is inherently not very good, and no matter how perfect the technology is, no high-precision products can be produced. Let’s take a look at the specific factors that cause it.

1. Processing technology

Most of the real machining errors are caused by unreasonable machining processes. In the basic machining process, such as CNC milling, “the first thickness after finishing, the first rear hole, the first large surface attempt Use the basic details of the machining process, such as combined accessories, to minimize the machining errors caused by iron filings in the parts. Because aluminum parts are very soft and the elimination of iron filings can easily lead to aluminum machining errors. For example, in the machining center FANUC or, deep holes should Use the G83 command as much as possible to make the iron filings downloadable, instead of the G73 command.


2. Numerical calculation in manual programming and automatic programming

3. Cutting three elements: cutting speed vc, feed speed f, cutting depth ap and tool compensation. In this case, in simple terms, under the premise of ensuring processing quality and tool wear, adjust the parameters to give full play to the cutting of the tool Performance makes the cutting efficiency the highest and the processing cost the lowest.


4. For the blade, the wrong tool is also a factor that leads to the wrong size. Therefore, try to choose a good edge finder. It is even better if the machine has an automatic tool aligner.


For the above technical problems, we can only strengthen the technology, watch more, think more, ponder more, there is no other way.


Second, the factors of CNC machines:


1. Cooling deformation after processing

This is basically inevitable. Pay attention to the use of coolant during processing, and pay attention to the deformation of parts after cooling.


2. The stability of the machine itself


If it is not a new machine tool or the machine tool has undergone many machining operations without debugging, dimensional errors caused by the machine may occur. There are several factors that cause errors in the machine tool:



For example, servo motor and screw, ball screw or nut wear, insufficient lubrication of screw and nut, amplifier failure, etc.

The solution can be to restore PMC by executing the system parameters,


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