TCL Huaxing Optoelectronics leads Samsung to create a real full screen in the world!

In recent years, as consumers of all ages use Electronic devices for longer and longer, myopia patients tend to be younger and more severe, which has attracted the attention of countless families and society. Especially after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the utilization rate of electronic screens such as TVs, mobile phones, tablets and laptops required for online teaching and office work has increased significantly, and the rate of myopia among consumers has increased.

“Human-centered design” and “people-oriented innovation” are the essential characteristics of the era of intelligent manufacturing. For enterprises, the improvement of the performance parameters of product components may not necessarily improve the ultimate experience of the product. While improving product performance, it must also provide consumers with safer, healthier, more efficient and more comfortable products. Human factors research, as the foothold of product innovation, provides enterprises with the direction of manufacturing and service design, helps to save the cost of manufacturing and expands economies of scale, and is the driving force for continuous innovation and upgrading of enterprise products.

As we all know, TCL Huaxing Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. was established in November 2009. It is an innovative technology company focusing on the field of semiconductor Display. The company’s registered capital is 23,887,935,422 yuan, and its headquarters is located in the High-tech Industrial Park, Guangming District, Shenzhen. At present, TCL Huaxing Optoelectronics products cover large-size TV panels and small and medium-size mobile terminal panels, and there are 6 production lines that have been built or are under construction. Among them, Shenzhen and Huizhou are production bases for large-size TV panels and modules, Wuhan is a production base for small and medium-sized panels and modules, and India is a production base for modules. TCL Huaxing actively deploys advanced Display technologies such as Mini-LED, Mirco-LED, OLED, and printed display, as well as display application fields such as large-size touch modules, electronic whiteboards, video walls, automotive, and e-sports, further consolidating its presence in the global Panel industry. core competitiveness.

Put on dust-free clothes and follow the skilled workers into the production workshop of TCL Huaxing Industrial Group located in Guangming District, Shenzhen. The highly automated production line works in an orderly manner, and sporadic workers touch the display screen in front of the workbench or on the operating table from time to time. button. Here, the application of high-tech such as artificial intelligence and automated production lines is reshaping people’s perception of traditional manufacturing.

On June 4, according to digital bloggers, TCL Huaxing has successfully produced a full screen in the true sense. This means that domestic screens have achieved new breakthroughs. It is reported that this screen has a resolution of FHD+ and a refresh rate of 120Hz, which is an upgraded version of the 2020 Xiaomi under-screen lens technology prototype screen. The display effect and functionality have been improved, and more importantly, this screen is about to be mass-produced.

TCL Huaxing Optoelectronics leads Samsung to create a real full screen in the world!

If the revelations are accurate, it means that Chinese companies will once again lead Samsung and expand their lead in the full-screen market.

In fact, in the past two or three years, Chinese screen manufacturers have grabbed a lot of screen market share from Samsung. According to Northeast Securities, Samsung’s OLED smart display market share has dropped from 89% in 2017 to 72% in 2020. With this result, Chinese manufacturers can be said to have contributed.

This time, CSOT took the lead in taking the lead in the new market, which can not only continue to weaken Samsung’s dominant position in the mobile phone screen market, but also greatly enhance its popularity and influence in the screen market. In fact, China Star Optoelectronics, a subsidiary of TCL, has been accumulating in the past two years, and the company’s revenue and profits have repeatedly hit new highs.

In the author’s opinion, the reason why CSOT can maintain such a strong development trend mainly comes from four aspects:

First, CSOT has no shortage of orders. CSOT maintains stable cooperative relations with brands such as Xiaomi and Samsung, and orders for display screens are guaranteed to a certain extent.

In contrast, although Samsung also has big customers behind it, its size was too large and the room for growth was too small, and its share could easily be divided up by other manufacturers.

In September last year, ZTE brought the Axon 20, the under-screen camera phone that everyone is looking forward to. After that, Xiaomi said that its own under-screen camera phone will arrive this year.

At that time, it was reported that Xiaomi’s third-generation under-screen camera technology and mobile phones would be mass-produced, and the screen supplier was Huaxing Optoelectronics, a subsidiary of TCL. The R&D strength of CSOT is evident.

In addition, at the recent 2021 International Display Technology Conference, TCL CSOT showed a number of new products, such as the world’s first laser touch display, 10.95″ 15~120Hz In-Cell active pen display, etc.

Digital blogger @Digital Chat Station revealed today that Huaxing’s new under-screen solution is about to be shipped. It is based on the technology upgrade of the under-screen prototype that Xiaomi used to show last year. The specific model is a 6.67-inch AMOLED screen. With FHD resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, hyperboloid design, the specific manufacturer is unknown.

“A production line is composed of thousands of induction sensors, and the products are monitored from input to output by these more than 1,000 sensors. The whole process does not require human intervention and can be operated remotely.” Song, Chief of the Manufacturing Section of TCL Huaxing Industry Group Xinyu introduced that there are more than 400 high-precision robots in the production workshop of TCL Huaxing Industrial Group, and the error can be controlled to the millisecond level, realizing automatic intelligent production, greatly improving production efficiency, and saving a lot of labor costs. This is due to the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and the manufacturing industry, forming an intelligent factory operation system with intelligent equipment, transparent production, intelligent logistics, mobile management, and data-based decision-making, which promotes enterprises to achieve huge improvements in production efficiency and product quality. jump.

Currently, TCL CSOT owns 2 Gen 8.5 lines, 2 Gen 11 lines, and a total of 4 high-generation production lines. Its influence in the global semiconductor display field continues to increase, occupying a 17% market share in the global TV panel field, and its shipment volume ranks first. No. 2 in the world, and the LCD panel shipments to the six major domestic TV manufacturers have ranked first since 2014. At 8:8 on September 8 this year, the first product of TCL CSOT’s 11th generation ultra-high-definition new display device production line project, also known as the “t7 project”, was lit up in Guangming District, Shenzhen. It is expected to be completed and put into operation in early 2021, which will make up for the There is a market vacancy for 8K ultra-high-definition advanced products. With the release of production capacity, the market share of TCL CSOT’s large-scale production capacity area will rise to the second place in the world.

In June 2020, TCL Huaxing 11″ WQXGA flat panel screen won the first SGS low blue light certification certificate in China for its excellent low blue light performance; at the same time, TCL Huaxing Wuhan Optical Laboratory also obtained the “SGS Accredited Laboratory” certification. In the same year, September In January, TCL Huaxing 7.09″ FHD mobile phone screen obtained the world’s first Low Blue Light EX certification from SGS.

In the future, TCL CSOT will continue to take health display and low-carbon energy conservation as important technical strategic directions, strengthen the concepts of “people-centered design” and “people-oriented innovation”, and increase investment in research and development. Introduce more healthy eye protection and environment-friendly semiconductor display products to bring consumers a better, better and healthier visual experience at every moment of their lives!

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