The 19th China Communication IC Technology Application Seminar and Qingdao Microelectronics Industry Development Conference was successfully held

From October 14th to 15th, the 19th China Communication IC Technology Application Seminar and Qingdao Microelectronics Industry Development Conference (CCIC 2021) co-hosted by the Integrated Circuit Committee of the China Communications Society and the Integrated Circuit Design Branch of the China semiconductor Industry Association “It was successfully held in the West Coast New Area of ​​Qingdao. More than 300 experts and business representatives from governments at all levels, industry associations, societies, integrated circuits and communication fields attended the conference to share the innovation and opportunities of integrated circuits in the new era.

The 19th China Communication IC Technology Application Seminar and Qingdao Microelectronics Industry Development Conference was successfully held

Zhou An, Director of Qingdao West Coast New Area Management Committee, Zhang Yanchuan, Secretary General of China Communications Society, Professor Wei Shaojun, Chairman of IC Design Branch of China Semiconductor Industry Association, and Dong Xiaoping, Deputy Director of the Electronic Information Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Guan Xuefeng, deputy head of Qingdao West Coast New Area, made a report on the promotion of Qingdao West Coast New Area and the development of integrated circuit industry.

The theme of this conference is “Focusing on Industry to Build Ecology, Creating Cores to Drive and Build the Future”, focusing on combining the current international economic situation and industrial environment, to discuss how my country’s integrated circuits can be market-oriented and application-oriented to promote independent innovation and development of chips. The integration of industrial applications will jointly explore the innovation and breakthrough of my country’s integrated circuit technology under the new situation. The conference is mainly divided into three parts: summit forum, technology application forum, and product Display. A total of 25 expert and enterprise reports are collected. The content of the report focuses on “integrated circuit ecological construction” and “application innovation”. Involving a wide range.

The “Summit Forum” on the morning of October 14th was an important part of the meeting. Top experts in the field of integrated circuits and communications, Dean of the School of Micro-Nano Electronics, Zhejiang University, and Academician Wu Hanming of the Chinese Academy of Engineering were invited to analyze the chips in the post-Moore era. Challenges and opportunities, Chen Shanzhi, Deputy General Manager of China Information and Communication Technology Group Co., Ltd. and Director of the State Key Laboratory of Wireless Mobile Communications, was invited to give a video speech to analyze the C-V2X Internet of Vehicles technology. In addition, industry experts from China Institute of Electronics Standardization, Beijing Institute of Microelectronics Technology, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other research institutes and universities, together with BGI Jiutian, UNISOC, Cadence, Dongfeng Motor , Keysight, Xinyaohui, Xinlianxin, Xinqiyuan, Xinxinxin, Xinchenwei, Feisling and other high-level representatives of chip and vehicle companies, also focused on the innovation and development of integrated circuits, car networking chips Key technologies and development trends, independent EDA development and high-end technology breakthroughs, IP innovation and opportunities, future semiconductor packaging development trends, automotive electronic chip development exploration and transcendence, integrated circuit standardization, “5G + Beidou” integration development opportunities, high-reliability intelligent processors Topics such as technology, 6G, quantum chips, carbon neutrality, software and radio, reconfigurable radio frequency technology, ubiquitous Internet of Things, etc., made keynote reports at the summit forum.

As one of the highest-standard technology forums in the integrated circuit industry, the technology application forum on October 15 also has many highlights: from the National Information Optoelectronics Innovation Center, National University of Defense Technology, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Siemens’ OneSpin, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation , Ziguangyun, Shandong University of Science and Technology guests, for silicon-based optoelectronics, the evolution of software radio in the post-Moore era, the opportunities and challenges of the semiconductor industry in “carbon peak, carbon neutrality”, integrated circuit design in the cloud computing era, Beidou new Technological reports were made on hot topics in the industry such as time-space micro-professionals, which benefited the participants a lot.

Since CCIC has been held for 19 consecutive years, it has continued to build an information platform for mutual communication and cooperation for national integrated circuit companies, information and communication companies, universities, scientific research institutes, user units, alliance organizations, and investment institutions, and has won widespread praise and consensus in the industry. Agree, and share the same breath and advance and retreat with China’s IC and communication industries.

As an important production base and traditional industrial manufacturing base of my country’s electronic information industry, Qingdao is building a coastal integrated circuit industry belt. In recent years, the Qingdao Municipal Government has continuously increased investment in the integrated circuit industry, and successively issued a series of incentive policies to encourage the development of the integrated circuit industry. , attracted a large number of key chip companies based on new formats and applications of information processing, sensors, new storage, etc., and initially formed a whole industry chain development pattern of design, manufacturing, packaging, equipment, materials, and talent services. This (19th) CCIC was successfully held in Qingdao, presenting an integrated circuit industry forum with seaside cultural characteristics, which will play a role in promoting the development of Qingdao’s integrated circuit industry.

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