The official version of iOS 13.4 is finally coming, and the fruit fans are about to scream

I believe that fans who have continued to pay attention to Mingmei Infinite should all understand that Mingmei Infinite has always been committed to sharing the latest things about Apple, iOS and iPhone for the majority of fruit fans. As a senior and loyal old fruit fan, Mingmei Wuxian has a familiar understanding of Apple’s big and small things like many fruit fans. In this way, Apple can be said to be the benchmark of the world’s mobile phone industry, and has almost used other mobile phone brands as an example for many years. Its product iPhone has been the focus of the world’s technology circle since its release, and its IOS system is very unique. It is very smooth and safe to use. This is inseparable from Apple’s daily and yearly updates. The latest news about the official version of IOS 13.4 has been exposed.

So, today Mingmei Infinite will continue to bring the news about Apple’s official version of iOS 13.4 to the fruit fans!

The official version of iOS 13.4 is finally coming, and the fruit fans are about to scream

As of last week, iOS/iPadOS 13.4, which was first launched in early February this year, has released its fifth beta version. In addition to implementing some features that Apple had promised but implemented, the new system, such as “iCloud folder sharing”, It also brings some new features, such as keyboard shortcuts, new Memoji emoticons, CarKey API that can turn your phone/watch into a car key, and more.

Now users are waiting for the arrival of the official version of the iOS 13.4 system.

Although Apple opened its own payment service earlier than domestic mobile phone manufacturers, so far, the process of localization is still quite slow. So far, only two cities of Beijing and Shanghai have been opened for bus cards, and neither of them is a combined bus card, and also It does not support binding WeChat payment and Alipay payment, which makes the use of Apple Pay in China very low. However, recent news broke the news that the official version of iOS 13.4 will officially integrate the Alipay function.

Judging from the exposed operation interface, Apple Pay Alipay will use the same wake-up steps as Apple Pay bank cards, requiring authentication before payment. But the difference is that Apple Pay Alipay retains the style of QR code payment, rather than the NFC near-field payment of Apple Pay bank cards.

Based on the new function, users do not need to open the Alipay app separately, they can make payment directly by scanning the Alipay QR code through the camera. By double-clicking the power button, they can directly call out the Alipay QR code in Apple Pay, and select the Alipay card to Display the payment II. The quick entry of QR code and swiping is more in line with everyone’s habit of using mobile payment. In addition, Apple Pay Alipay will also be embedded in the system camera, when the payment code is detected, the payment page will pop up directly without jumping to the Alipay application.

The official version of iOS 13.4 is finally coming, and the fruit fans are about to scream

There have been foreign media reports that iOS 14 will support some functions of Alipay, but it seems that Ali and Apple are moving more quickly, which is why the upcoming new version of iOS 13 will integrate Alipay.

Alipay and Apple have joined forces, and the payment function is directly integrated into Apple Pay. This move is bound to put great pressure on WeChat Pay. As a competitor for many years, WeChat Pay may also cooperate with Apple to access Apple Pay!

In this regard, netizens have expressed that in the mobile payment market, Alipay and WeChat have really won this time. Apple has made changes and insisted on NFC payment for 6 years. This time, it also joined the army of scanning code payment.

In fact, seeing that Alipay and WeChat are making a big difference in the mobile payment market, Apple joined the scan code payment, just want to cooperate with Alipay, etc., to add the domestic mainstream payment QR code to Apple Pay, in order to expand the development of Apple Pay.

In addition, in the past, Apple has always focused on NFC payment, and is not optimistic about scanning code payment, but now it has been proved that scanning code payment is more practical than NFC payment, and can quickly achieve popularization.

In addition, Alipay and WeChat are both developing overseas, but the development is not smooth. Now that Apple has added the Alipay function to the IOS13.4 system, it can naturally promote the development of Alipay in the global region.

After all, the number of iPhone users in the world has exceeded 1 billion, and these users have all upgraded to the IOS13.4 system, which means that Alipay has a large number of potential users outside China.

It is also worth mentioning today that the official version of iOS 13.4 may also bring more transportation cards, including Octopus, Lingnantong, Yangchengtong, Lingnantong, Guangfotong, Shenzhentong, and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei interconnection cards. These transportation cards have been “officially announced” that they will land on Apple Pay. The earliest Octopus was even announced last year, but it has not been launched. Some people have found that these transportation cards have begun to undergo grayscale testing on the system. .

According to reports, Apple Pay Octopus card device profiles are iPhone 8, Apple Watch Series 3 and later devices that use Face ID or Touch ID.

Finally, Mingmei Infinity also wants to say: According to the tips of the public beta, on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the update is about 118 MB. A fairly large update with all the beta fixes, this update has the build number “17E5255a”. The “a” at the end indicates that the final version should be released in the next week or so, which means that the official version of iOS 13.4 should be released to the public in 1-2 weeks. So according to this date, it should be released as soon as this week.

At present, relevant news has been leaked two days before the release, indicating that Apple attaches great importance to this version update. In short, the Apple Pay integrated Alipay function will be released together with the official version of iOS 13.4 at 1:00 a.m. on March 18. Then update the experience together.

It seems that we don’t have to wait until the end of the month, we will be able to receive the update prompt for the official version of iOS 13.4 as soon as March 18. If the feature is officially launched, iPhone and Apple Watch users will be able to quickly complete payments using their Apple devices.

At present, Apple has officially announced that it will hold the WWDC conference online in June, when the new iOS 14 system will be officially unveiled. Let us wait and see what surprises Apple will bring.

In this regard, if you have anything else to say about the official version of Apple’s iOS 13.4, please leave a message in the comment area and let Mingmei participate in the discussion together!

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