The role of precision machining technology

The role of precision machining technology

1. It is the main technical document that guides production

The production planning and scheduling of the machining workshop, the operation of the workers, the quality inspection of the parts, and the calculation of the processing cost are all based on the process regulations. When dealing with problems in production, process regulations are often used as a common basis. If dealing with quality accidents, the responsibilities of all relevant units and personnel should be determined in accordance with the process regulations.

2. It is the main basis for production preparation

When the workshop wants to produce a new part, it must first formulate the machining process specification for the part, and then prepare for production according to the process specification. Such as: the analysis and research of the key processes in the new part processing technology; preparation of the required knives, clamps, measuring tools; the purchase or manufacture of raw materials and blanks; the purchase of new equipment or the modification of old equipment, etc., must be carried out according to the process.

3. It is the basic technical document for the newly built machinery manufacturing plant

When building a new batch or high-volume machining workshop, the type and quantity of machine tools required and the layout in the workshop should be determined according to the process regulations, and then the area size, power and lifting equipment configuration of the workshop, and the type of work and skills of the workers required should be determined from this. Grade, quantity, etc.

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