Toshiba launches MOSFET gate driver switch IPD for automotive ECUs

Shanghai, China, May 14, 2020 – Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) today announced the launch of the gate driver switch IPD[1]”TPD7107F”. The product, which can be used to control the on-off current supply to on-board control units (ECUs) such as junction boxes and body control modules, is scheduled to start shipping today.

Toshiba launches MOSFET gate driver switch IPD for automotive ECUs

TPD7107F product diagram

The TPD7107F utilizes Toshiba’s automotive-grade low on-resistance N-channel MOSFETs[2], high-side switch for load current. As an electronic switch, this new IPD avoids the contact wear of mechanical relays, helping to reduce the size and power consumption of in-vehicle ECUs, while also providing maintenance-free functionality.

Supports the high reliability required by in-vehicle ECUs by providing enhanced functions (self-protection functions and various built-in diagnostic functions output to the microcontroller). This new IPD can monitor the operation of the load and the MOSFETs connected to it. When abnormal operation occurs, it can quickly turn off the MOSFET[3]to reduce the load on the MOSFET.

TPD7107F adopts WSON10A[4]package, and the use of external components such as capacitors can be reduced due to the built-in boost circuit. This new IPD consumes only 3µA (max) in standby mode.


Car Equipment

・ECU (Body Control Module, Junction Box, etc.)

・Power distribution Module

semiconductor relay


・AEC-Q100 certified

・Able to adapt to the load current, with low on-resistance N-channel MOSFET[2]For use with

・Built-in booster circuit reduces the use of passive peripheral devices

・Built-in protection function and diagnostic output function

(abnormal voltage, overcurrent, overheating, reverse connection of power supply, open circuit protection of ground terminal and short circuit of VDD load line, etc.)

Main Specifications:


[1] IPD (Intelligent Power Device)

[2] Compatible device examples: TPHR7904PB (40V/150A), TPH1R104PB (40V/120A)

[3] High-speed off-state current (typ: 237mA)

[4] WSON10A: 3.0×3.0mm (typ.)

The Links:   AA104VB04 BSM300GB120DLC

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