TSMC 1.8nm factory exposed, mass production in 2026

Protect the island of the mountain with a new weapon for decisive victory. TSMC’s advanced process fabs are based in Taiwan. Among them, the 2-nanometer Fab 20 ultra-large fab has been selected as Baoshan, Hsinchu, and the more advanced processes after 2 nanometers have entered the angstorm era. It is expected that TSMC will advance At 18 angstroms (1.8 nanometers), although the location of the factory has not yet been decided, according to equipment manufacturers, TSMC’s 18 angstrom advanced process wafer fab is expected to settle in Taichung, and now the golf course next to Zhongke Fab 15 has been taken into consideration. .

As the semiconductor process will enter the Amy era in 2024, TSMC’s fab construction has attracted the attention of the industry and the market. The market has reported that TSMC’s next advanced process fab is expected to settle in Taichung. Now Xingnong next to Zhongke Fab 15 The golf course and military land have been taken into consideration. If TSMC obtains the land, it will be used to build a super-large fab area with advanced processes below 2 nanometers. Four 12-inch fabs were built locally.

TSMC stated that there are many factors to consider when choosing the location of the factory. TSMC uses Taiwan as its main base and does not rule out any possibility. It will maintain the pace of factory expansion in the past and continue to cooperate with the authority to evaluate suitable sites for semiconductor construction, including Hsinchu, Taichung and Kaohsiung. There is no specific decision yet, and everything is mainly based on the company’s external announcement.

TSMC has confirmed the construction plan of advanced process fabs, including Nanke Fab 18 GigaFab, which will build four 5-nanometer fabs from P1 to P4, and four 3-nanometer fabs from P5 to P8. fab. Among them, factories P1 to P3 have entered mass production, factories P4 to P6 are under construction, and factories P7 to P8 will be expanded in the future. In addition, Nanke Fab 14 will expand the P8 factory as a special process production base.

TSMC’s Bamboo Fab 12 ultra-large fab will expand the P8 to P9 fabs as R&D centers, and the P8 fab will be completed this year. TSMC expects to build a Fab 20 ultra-large fab in Baoshan, Zhuke, and will start the construction plan after the land acquisition is completed. It will become a 2-nanometer production center in the future.

TSMC’s Fab 20 will be divided into the first to fourth phases, with a total of four 12-inch fabs built. It is expected to enter mass production in the second half of 2024. TSMC’s 2nm process will use a gate-all-around (GAA) TRANSISTOR architecture of Nanosheet, and the technology development progress is in line with expectations.

Equipment manufacturers said that TSMC’s advanced process nodes after 2 nanometers will be advanced to 1.8 nanometers (18 angstroms), and it is expected to enter mass production in 2026-2027. TSMC’s advanced process fab is based in Taiwan, but it is not easy to find a suitable location for the factory. The golf course next to TSMC’s Zhongke Fab 15 and the surrounding military land have been taken into consideration. If the EIA passes and the land is successfully obtained, TSMC will An 18 angstrom advanced process fab may be built locally.

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