Ultra-precise DNA-editing technique could effectively treat cancer

John Sotos, Intel’s chief medical officer, pointed out that effective treatment of cancer requires the use of ultra-sophisticated DNA-editing techniques that can be used to overcome challenges in the development of biological weapons.

According to foreign media reports, scientists around the world have long been committed to finding ways to treat cancer. In recent years, advanced medical technologies and some major medical plans have emerged one after another. The cancer moonshot, which sparked hope for a cure for cancer, may soon become a reality. But now experts warn that technological breakthroughs in treating cancer, despite their clear benefits, could have unintended global negative effects.

John Sotos, Intel’s chief medical officer, pointed out that effective treatment of cancer requires the use of ultra-sophisticated DNA-editing techniques that can be used to overcome the challenges of biological weapons development.

According to the British “Guardian” report, Sotos pointed out at the recent 2017 hacker conference held in Tos Vegas that people do not know much about biological weapons, because there are many limitations in the development of biological weapons, once the ultra-precision is turned on. DNA editing technology, there will be some deadly biological weapons. So far, potential biological weapons will pose a security threat to a nation, and while biological weapons may destroy enemy forces, biological weapons will eventually spread beyond the distribution area and even threaten the original attacker.

Crispr-Cas9DNA technology uses tags to identify the location of genetic mutations, while an enzyme acts as “mini-scissors,” cutting DNA at precise locations, moving small parts of the gene.

Sotos said the Cancer Moonshot will push new technologies to manipulate DNA, because cancer is a DNA disease. The ultra-precise DNA-editing technology will not only attack human cancer cells, but will also overcome some of the major challenges encountered in the development of biological weapons. Once these techniques are finally refined, experts warn they could be used in weapons development, with potentially dire consequences beyond mass death. Sotos pointed out that once ultra-sophisticated DNA editing technology is used in biological weapons development, there will be something worse than death, which I call “hell”. DNA manipulation can be used to code genes for specific groups of people, or even allow attackers to target public figures or some families. It can also be used for more subtle attacks, including: unmanageable dysentery, weight gain, hair loss or body odor.

Over the past few years, Bill Gates has said that genetic engineering treatments for epidemics could one day kill hundreds of millions of people. In February, Gates warned global leaders at a conference in Munich, Germany, that such a catastrophe was likely in the next 10-15 years. Technological breakthroughs in genetic engineering will make it easier for terrorists to plan large-scale attacks, he said, noting that “biosecurity” is not taken into account by the security services.

At the Munich Security Conference, Gates warned that whether by natural coincidence or by terrorist manipulation, epidemiologists say fast-moving pathogens will kill more than 30 million people in less than a year. In the next 10-15 years, the world will experience such a big explosion, which seems possible. At the same time, Gates emphasized that the most effective way to deal with natural epidemic diseases is to prepare for bioterrorism attacks.

Gates said preparing for a global pandemic is as important as nuclear deterrence and avoiding climate catastrophe. Innovation, collaboration, and careful planning can dramatically reduce the risks posed by these threats.

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