Vishay’s New AC Filtering Film Capacitors Provide Continuous and Stable Operation in High Humidity Environments

MALVERN, Pennsylvania — May 6, 2021 — Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) has introduced a new line of AC filtering metallized polypropylene film capacitors for high humidity environments, the MKP1847C AC Filtering. Vishay Roederstein MKP1847C AC Filter Capacitors withstand harsh temperature and humidity bias (THB) testing—tested at rated voltage, 40 °C, and 93 % relative humidity for up to 56 days—with no change in device electrical performance.

The capacitors released a few days ago ensure stable capacity and ESR value when working under harsh environmental conditions, and have a long service life. The MKP1847C AC filter series capacitors offer higher humidity robustness and reduced cost compared to previous generation devices in the same package size. The device has reliable performance and is suitable for input and output filtering of UPS systems, renewable energy inverter grid-connected interfaces, and welding equipment.

The MKP1847C AC filter series capacitors are rated from 1 µF to 70 µF, with capacitance tolerances as low as ± 10 %, and rated voltages of 230 VAC, 250 VAC, 275 VAC, 310 VAC, and 350 VAC. Capacitors have a self-inductance of less than 1 nH per mm of lead spacing, peak currents up to 750 A, and RMS currents up to 26 A. The new range of reliable capacitors is housed in a fire-resistant plastic case and resin-sealed, with a maximum operating temperature of +105 ºC.

Samples and production quantities of the MKP1847C AC filter series capacitors are available now, with lead times of 12 weeks.

The Links:   EL4836LP SKDH100/14

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