What are the applications of smart sensors? Is it significant to develop smart sensors?

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1. Smart Sensors

From the digital revolution brought by microprocessors to the rapid development of virtual instruments (VXI), the comprehensive accuracy, stability, reliability and response requirements of sensors are getting higher and higher. Traditional sensors can no longer meet various test requirements. The application of intelligent technology and micromachining technology to sensors, SmartSensor was born. The function of the smart sensor is proposed by simulating the coordinated actions of human senses and brain, combined with long-term research and practical experience of testing technology. It is a relatively independent intelligent unit. Its appearance reduces the harsh requirements of the original hardware performance, and the performance of the sensor can be greatly improved with the help of software. Smart sensors generally have strong real-time functions, especially dynamic measurement often requires data acquisition, calculation, processing and output to be completed within a few microseconds. A series of functions of the smart sensor are carried out with the support of the program. Such as the number of functions, basic performance, ease of use, and reliable work, most of which depend on software design and its quality to a certain extent. These software mainly fall into five categories. Including scale conversion, digital zero adjustment, nonlinear compensation, temperature compensation, digital filtering technology.

The application of smart sensors

1. Smart wear

Sensors play a vital role in wearable devices. Because the most basic function of wearable devices is to realize motion sensing through sensors.

Taking the Xiaomi Mi Band as an example, ADI’s MEMS acceleration and heart rate sensors are used to monitor motion and heart rate; in addition to MEMS accelerometers, gyroscopes, and MEMS microphones, Apple Watch also uses a pulse sensor.

2. AI/Robots

Sensors are the most basic hardware of artificial intelligence, similar to human sense acquisition organs. A large number of sensors can achieve “perception + control”, and home automation = perception + control, this level of information interaction and human-computer interaction still requires human participation. Artificial intelligence will hand over the human logical brain to the machine to realize “perception + thinking + execution”, and eventually rise to this level.

In addition, the key hardware used by intelligent robots includes drives, reducers, and sensors. As the “five senses” of robots, smart sensors play an important role in collecting external information and data.

3. AR/VR

The sensing equipment in virtual reality is mainly composed of two parts: one part is used for human-computer interaction, which is worn on the operator through a 3D helmet Display, data gloves, data suits, etc., and the other part is used for correct perception and set in the real environment. . Various visual, auditory, tactile, force and other senses.

Implementing AR/VR and improving the user experience requires a large number of sensors to track motion. Such as FOV depth sensors, cameras, gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers and proximity sensors. Currently, each VR hardware manufacturer is using its own technology. Sony uses the PlayStation camera as a position tracker, while the Vive and Oculus are using their own technology.

3. The significance of developing the smart sensor industry

Intelligent sensing technology is the leading technology of intelligent manufacturing and the Internet of Things. As a front-end sensing tool, it is of great significance. The important role of intelligent sensor technology in developing the economy and promoting social progress is very obvious. As a wide range of front-end sensing devices, smart sensors can not only promote the upgrading of traditional industries, such as the upgrading of traditional industries and the intelligent upgrading of traditional household appliances, but also promote innovative applications, such as robots, VR/AR (virtual reality/ augmented reality), drones, smart homes, smart medical care and elderly care.

Nowadays, all countries in the world attach great importance to the development of this field, and China is also actively promoting the development of smart sensors. A few years ago, China has elevated the smart sensor industry to a national strategy, and it has become an important engine technology to promote my country’s development. A necessary element to realize the rise of a great power.

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