What role can UHF RFID technology play in the field of intelligent medical care?

At the beginning of 2020, a sniper battle against the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has started in an all-round way. There are many kinds of medical consumables, and the traditional management mode of consumables is mainly manual recording. Inventory managers cannot record and track the whole process of purchasing, receiving, accepting, and receiving consumables. Faced with the increasing usage of high-value consumables, hospitals must also manage them efficiently. UHF RFID intelligent medical management can effectively prevent the loss of high-value consumables and realize real-time monitoring and dynamic management.

Last year, it was reported that a research institute in the United States was testing a UHF RFID solution that uses UHF readers and RFID tags to track all samples and complete the inventory. The institute focuses on testing hardware components, including numerous UHF RFID tags and UHF handheld terminals. Meanwhile, the team is exploring whether the freezer can be scanned without opening it.

The RFID intelligent medical management system covers hospital employees, patients, etc. working and seeking medical treatment in the hospital, as well as the management of medical equipment, medical drugs and related vehicles. It mainly consists of the following parts: information management center, medical personnel management, ward information management, pharmacy drug store information management, medical inspection management, hospital asset management, special item management and other information management functional modules.

The system mainly analyzes and judges the feedback data signal of the acquisition unit by fetching the relevant data in the data storage unit, and sends instruction information for the relevant medical personnel or medical instruments. Among them, the applicable RFID Electronic tags are rich in categories, mainly to record the data of various managed items or personnel, and cooperate with RFID antennas and RFID readers to collect data to achieve intelligent management of items or personnel.

UHF RFID medical consumables cabinet is a convenient and efficient smart cabinet based on RFID technology to realize automatic recording of medical consumables. Through the UHF RFID electronic label, a unique ID is identified for each consumable, starting from the system entry of the consumable, and the unique ID of the label is bound. Combined with the UHF reader and the matching antenna in the cabinet, the position of the item is obtained, and the process of automatic access, inventory and monitoring of the items in the RFID medical consumables cabinet is realized.

What can the UHF RFID medical consumables cabinet achieve? What are the advantages? 1. Intelligent access, after the item is applied for through the task list, the authorized person can open the cabinet door, the system will automatically identify and compare the task information, and if it matches, the data will be uploaded to the background; 2. Fingerprint identity authentication, the smart cabinet is used User information is determined based on various identification methods such as RFID and fingerprint identification, and authority can only be obtained by swiping a card.

3. Real-time monitoring, the combination of automatic trigger scanning of cabinet door switch and timing scanning, real-time grasp of items and the process of depositing and withdrawing; 4. Real-time inventory, through the built-in UHF reading and writing equipment, the intelligent inventory of items is realized, and the data It can be updated to the background in real time, and can also communicate with the background data; 5. Information recording, the system generates records after the user takes the items in the normal process, and the recorded content is time, place, personnel, item information, etc.; 6. Intelligent alarm , such as when the items taken out do not match the task list, the network is disconnected, the door is not closed over time, the cabinet door is opened abnormally, or the inventory of items is insufficient, an alarm will be issued.

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