Ziguang Zhanrui releases new products, can the Tiger Ben T7520 squeeze into the high-end market?

The Tiger Ben T7520 is developed based on the UNISOC 5G technology platform Makalu. It integrates the world’s first 5G modem that supports full-scene coverage enhancement technology. It can expand the patented technology of large-bandwidth 4G/5G dynamic spectrum sharing, allowing operators to use the existing 4G frequency band. 5G can be deployed on the Internet, maximize the use of existing resources, and meet the needs of future 5G co-construction and sharing, effectively reducing network deployment costs and accelerating 5G deployment. At the same time, the Tiger Ben T7520 optimizes the technology for high-speed rail scenarios with speeds up to 500KM/h, helping users to enjoy the smooth experience brought by 5G while traveling at high speed.

The reporter was informed that Chu Qing, CEO of Ziguang Zhanrui, said: “The Tiger Ben T7520 has developed a variety of advanced technologies, and while the performance has been comprehensively improved, the power consumption has reached a new low. In addition, our architecture design is open and innovative, and is committed to ecological In the future, we will work with our partners to bring users a better intelligent experience.”

Tiger Ben T7520 adopts 6nm process to support NSA/SA dual-Module network

Tiger Ben T7520 adopts 4 Arm Cortex-A76 cores, 4 Arm Cortex-A55 cores, and the GPU adopts Arm Mali-G57 core.

Using 6nm EUV process technology. Officials say that compared with the previous generation of 7nm, the 6nm EUV TRANSISTOR density has increased by 18%, which will enable the integration of more transistors per unit area of ​​the chip, reduce chip power consumption by 8%, and provide longer battery life.

Support 5G NR TDD+FDD carrier aggregation and uplink and downlink decoupling technology, which can improve the coverage by more than 100%. Based on UNISOC’s 5G super launch technology, the upload rate can be increased by 60% for the near point of the cell, which solves the pain point that services such as enhanced VR and 4K/8K ultra-high-definition video live broadcast require larger uplink bandwidth. Tiger Ben T7520 supports Sub-6GHz frequency band and NSA/SA dual-module network, supports 2G to 5G seven-mode full Netcom, in SA mode, the downlink peak rate exceeds 3.25Gbps. The Tiger Ben T7520 also supports dual-SIM dual 5G, EPS Fall back, and VoNR HD voice and video calls.

The Tiger Ben T7520 integrates a new generation of NPU, which not only improves the computing power, but also achieves good power consumption control, and the energy efficiency (TOPS/W) is improved by more than 50% compared with the previous generation products.

The Tiger Ben T7520 is equipped with the sixth-generation image engine Vivimagic solution independently developed by UNISOC and the second-generation FDR (Full Dynamic Range) technology, a dedicated AI acceleration processor, a newly upgraded quad-core ISP architecture, and supports a resolution of up to 100 million pixels. rate and multi-camera processing capability.

Tiger Ben T7520 adopts a new generation of multi-core Display architecture, supports up to 120Hz refresh rate, full-channel, full-format HDR standard rendering capability, and multi-screen Display can support up to 4K HDR 10+.

Jointly with Hisense and China Unicom to launch a variety of 5G new products

At the press conference, Ziguang Zhanrui and Hisense jointly warmed up Hisense’s first 5G new F50 equipped with Ziguang Zhanrui T7510.

UNISOC T7510 is its first 5G solution. It is composed of Zhanrui’s first 5G baseband chip, Ivy V510 + Tiger Ben T710 application processor. Ivy V510 is the first 5G baseband chip released by UNISOC at MWC2019. It supports 2/3/4/5G multiple communication modes and can realize SA/NSA dual-module network mode. The Tiger Ben T710 is an AI application processor released by UNISOC in August 2019.

In addition to the Tiger Ben T7510, the Hisense F50 is equipped with a large 5010mAh battery and has 18W safe fast charging technology.

In addition, China Unicom’s own brand 5G CPE VN007 equipped with Ziguang Zhanrui Chunteng V510 was also released at the meeting.

Released a new AIoT development platform

The AIoT development platform released this time includes the AI ​​edge computing platform Huben T710, and is paired with the platform’s latest second-generation artificial intelligence engine, AIactvier 2.0. In addition, the development platform also integrates neural network models such as object recognition and face recognition. The platform can be widely used in smart retail, smart wear, smart home, smart industry, highly scalable edge computing, smart education, smart healthcare, smart transportation, smart power and other industries.

From dual-core, quad-core, and octa-core multi-hardware platform selection, to 2G/3G/4G voice and data communication functions based on the oFono communication framework, to 2D/3D graphics, computer vision processing audio and video capabilities, the platform is for developers. Provides a variety of software and hardware combinations. At the same time, the platform also provides a wealth of intermediate components and interfaces for AIoT, which is convenient for developers to develop on AIoT terminals. The platform supports Ubuntu, Yocto, Debian, AGL, OpenWRT and other Linux distributions. C/C++, Python, QT and other development tools can be used to realize the development of multiple platforms at one time for different devices.

In order to better meet the needs of developers for different application scenarios, the development platform provides customized tailoring capabilities. At the same time, the platform also provides a development board that conforms to the 96board specification. Users can use the development ecological environment of 96board to quickly complete prototype development. In order to meet the performance and cost requirements of mass products, developers can still develop hardware solutions after the solution is stable. custom made. Finally, the developer community that the development platform is building will also provide all AIoT developers with one-stop services such as resource tools, learning exchanges, application practices, and technical support.

UNISOC’s new generation of low-power design architecture and AI-based intelligent adjustment technology, compared with the discrete 5G solution, the Tiger Ben T7520 has an overall leading power consumption advantage in light-load or heavy-load scenarios, and in some data The power consumption in business scenarios is reduced by 35%.

It is worth noting that the Tiger Ben T7520 adopts the full built-in financial-grade security and adopts the second-generation integrated security solution of Zhanrui, which integrates the financial-grade iSE security unit in the SOC. Compared with the external SE, it is more difficult to attack and locate, and the security is higher; The computing power has been increased by 100%, and it supports high computing power security requirements such as video encrypted calls; it supports international mainstream algorithms, and has better scalability. It also increases the storage capacity and can support hundreds of applications at the same time. The highly integrated advantage of Tiger Ben T7520 greatly reduces the difficulty of PCB design, and reduces the design and manufacturing costs of the whole machine, bringing customers a more competitive solution.

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